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Analog stick

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Because of the Oculus Rift's new input system, different game genres have new potential axis-es for their input systems. Discussed inside are two examples (space/flight simulators and first-person shooters), upon which users can extrapolate.

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It's a confusing time in the world of mobile and portable gaming. Consumers seem to be moving away from the idea that they need an entirely separate device to play games on the go, settling for cheap, generally simple touchscreen games on their cell phones and tablets. Nintendo, following up the insanely successful DS system that rested on a seemingly gimmicky double screen design, added a newer glasses-free 3D gimmick to its Nintendo 3DS—only to see extremely slow sales force it into a premature price drop. Sony's PlayStation Portable, meanwhile, has carved out a niche for itself as a serious gamer's system, especially in Japan, but is beginning to show its age as a system designed in the pre-smartphone era.

For the new PlayStation Vita, Sony responded to this confusion by throwing everything and the kitchen sink into the system. For hardcore gamers, there are two analog sticks—a first for a portable system—and a gigantic screen loaded with pixels. For casual players, there's the now-ubiquitous touchscreen as well as a unique rear touch panel to enable new tactile, touchy-feely gameplay. The Vita has two cameras, a GPS receiver, and a 3G data option. There's music and video players, a Web browser, Google Maps, and even a proximity-based social network. Oh, and it also plays games, I guess (more on those in a separate post).

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The kids at Hit Box got in touch over the weekend to show us this video of their custom fight stick in action. And as someone who sucks at fighting games, I am interested. More »

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Onslaught! Arena began as a web game built in HTML5. Before porting to iPad, we had to tackle the difficult task of completely reimplementing the control mechanism. This article documents the journey from keyboard and mouse to analog thumb sticks.

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Admits to PSP interface failings.

Sony has pledged to right the wrongs of the PlayStation Portable with its successor, the PlayStation Vita.

One of the first questions Sony asked itself when creating Vita was how to improve on the PSP's controls.

"What we didn't do right with the PSP was where we started when we began the development of PlayStation Vita," president of Sony's Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida told Eurogamer sister site


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