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FvF Mixtape #49 by Christian Vance

This week, Australian electronic music identity, producer, DJ, and record label owner of Haul Music, Christian Vance, presents us with a deep psychedelic FvF Mixtape.

Known as the “Peter Pan” of the electronic dance music scene, this Berlin based artist knows how to get the party started. We hope you enjoy this trippy daydream that presents music by Christian’s friends and friends of friends and reflects his new hometown of Berlin. Read more here.

1. Ash Ra Tempel – Daydream
2. Mike Callander – Salt of the Earth
3. Efdemin – Time
4. Steve Reich – Nagoya (Hnny edit)
5. Ron Trent – Manifesto (Aybee’s Blak Space Federation Slap)
6. Manmade Science – Phase
7. Quarion – Karasu (Deetron remix Paul Woolford edit)
8. M People - How Can I Love You More? (Search Party vocal dub)
9. Jakob Korn – She
10. The God Son – Analog Love
11. Conforce – Grace
12. Christian Vance – Uneasy Me
13. Baikal – Why Don’t Ya
14. Zombie Zombie – Watch the World From a Plane

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How Daydreams Become Life's Adventures: Jim Prescott at TEDxGöteborg

What is the different between a daydream and a vision? Why do some ideas seem to take off like a rocket all by themselves and others gather dust on the launch pad? What happens when we share them with others? Entrepreneur and adventurer Jim Prescott takes us on a journey to the Nevada Desert in a wind wagon to explore how visions become realities and how daydreams become life's adventures.

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Sound it Out # 28: Daydream Vacation- "Dare Seize the Fire"

I’m pretty sure Dave Einmo is some kind of pop music savant. He has a band called Head Like a Kite in which he’s the only consistent member and where he combines movie samples with rock-leaning electronic grooves and often has interesting guests join in with vocals. One of those those singers on last year’s Dreams Suspend Night was Asya, formerly of the band Smoosh (Remember Smoosh? They were the band of cool tween sisters from Seattle that you saw all in all the “bands to watch” lists 6-7 years ago...they were like the anti-Hanson. Asya started singing for Smoosh when she was 12. She’s 20 now).

So, Asya’s first song with Head Like a Kite was called “Daydream Vacation” and she and Dave recently decided to be a full time band called just that. I like it that Einmo named Head Like a Kite after a lyric from The Shins and that Daydream Vacation is a play on Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation. This is a man who is not afraid to pay tribute.

Daydream Vacation’s debut, self-released record is called Dare Seize the Fire and they’ve generously offered this free download of the title track. (If the HTML5 widget below doesn’t work for you, you can go here to listen). It’s an extremely fun, summery song that went directly onto most of my playlists.

If you happen to be in Seattle, you might want to head on over to their record release party on Saturday night. It should be a fun time.

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The_loon_big.jpegThe Loon, 2011 by Chris Anthony

While there is an entire scientific study dedicated to dreams, the other kind of dreaming we do so much seems to be a bit worthless in comparison—there is not even a serious-sounding terminology for daydreams. Perhaps it's because daydreaming has always been deemed so non-productive, scientists don't even want to spend time thinking about it. However, there is a fundamental difference between daydreaming and just plain old spacing out, according to research by Harvard psychologist Deirdre Barrett, and daydreaming can be constructive for creative types. If that conclusion needs any more backing, these dreamy and dramatic images by Contender Chris Anthony are the best proof.

Regina_pelagus_big.jpegRegina Pelagus, 2011 by Chris Anthony

Anthony draws inspirations from his daydreams for the images he creates, using props and costumes that he makes by hand. To help create the surreal look and unique texture, Anthony mounts 150-year-old French lenses on his large-format camera. In the images, the dressed-up figures are all set against the backdrop of a lifeless sea, giving the series a very theatrical feel with a slight twist. He explains in his statement: Drawing attention to the bizarre and the banal, the resulting images are portraits within landscapes on the border between documentary and fiction, imagining characters that, much like ourselves, are forever a mystery. Iconic fantasy figures in real landscapes are set in relief against a darker reality, one of absence and longing. The work addresses primal experiences, shaped by desires and fears—solitary paths towards imagined fulfillment. The work has evolved into a series of images involving fictional attributions, narratives, sculpture, mask-making and costumes. Replete with absurdity and hilarity, and doubling as a cautionary tale, [I serve] up color scenarios documenting the species [I see] everyday.

Piscator_big.jpeg Piscator, 2011 by Chris Anthony

Chris Anthony was born in Stockholm, and was raised both in Sweden and the U.S. Having studied art history in Florence in his teens, he went on to work as a rock photographer, then later a music video and commercial director. His personal work has been exhibited around the world and has been featured in a number of publications, including Los Angeles Times, Photo District News, Eyemazing, ARTnews, American Photo, Paper, Nylon and more. Check out his site to see his other projects and an extensive body of commercial work.

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