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Geography of Arizona

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Nathan Ingraham


James Turrell is known in the art world for creating pieces that can be both spectacularly innovative and highly disorienting. Take his Perceptual Cells — a large sphere where a person can lay down and be bombarded by lights so bright you can see the biological structure of your own eye. The New York Times has just published an in-depth look at Turrell's career as the artist prepares for three huge exhibitions planned to launch simultaneously in New York, Los Angeles, and Houston. The extensive profile digs deep into Turrell's polarizing art, and the author is even invited to visit Roden Crater — an extinct volcano on his on massive ranch in Arizona. Turrell has spent decades excavating it in an effort to turn it into a massive art...

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Patrick Traylor

Heather Rousseau spent ten days last fall photographing and interviewing people living and working in western Colorado, documenting their relationships with the land, energy and water. “Last summer, Colorado—like much of the rest of the country—saw some of the driest and hottest conditions on record,” recalls Rousseau. “Since 80 percent of the state’s population lives [...]

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How Daydreams Become Life's Adventures: Jim Prescott at TEDxGöteborg

What is the different between a daydream and a vision? Why do some ideas seem to take off like a rocket all by themselves and others gather dust on the launch pad? What happens when we share them with others? Entrepreneur and adventurer Jim Prescott takes us on a journey to the Nevada Desert in a wind wagon to explore how visions become realities and how daydreams become life's adventures.

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