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I just had a bizarre and fairly interesting experience here at Google I/O 2012. After a small, closed press session on Google's Project Glass, company co-founder Sergey Brin decided to let the press here try on the devices for themselves. Including his personal pair.

The demo was set to nothing more than a looping fireworks video, but I got to have a first-hand experience with what Google's Glass is like for those wearing it right now (side note: Sergey was personally placing the glasses on people, and he snapped these photos).

The experience is not all that different from those bulky head-mounted displays that can be worn to see a full HD video without an actual TV in front of you, though the screen image is much smaller, and only...

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The Pentagon has placed an order for a prototype augmented reality display system that is based on dual focus contact lenses with an expanded field of vision. The system, called iOptik and developed by Innovega, allows the wearer to focus on a HUD at the same time as the surrounding environment by projecting an image onto different sections of the lens. HUD information goes through to the center of the pupil, and light from the wearer's peripheral vision is filtered out to avoid interference. The US military already uses HUDs on the battlefield, but they require bulky equipment and the wearer must actively focus on the information displayed. However, iOptik uses a lightweight eyewear system that doesn't look entirely dissimilar to what G...

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I used to wear contact lenses all the time, largely because they made playing sports easier. Then I bought a pair of Eyephorics. Zowee. At 2.5 grams, these glasses are ultra light and ultra, ultra comfortable. I often lay down to go to sleep totally unaware they are on my face. I chose earpieces that hook behind my ears. They don't slip, even when my face gets sweaty when I run and play tennis. Aside from different earpieces, you can get any shape lens and any color nose piece/ear bar. Mine are seafoam green, which sounds weird but they look normal. I got mine at a local high-end eyewear store. The glasses are costly, but they are also super durable. I am very rough on my glasses. This pair has taken some serious abuse in the past 18 months , but always manages to bounce back. I will never buy any other kind. If you wear contacts or glasses, these glasses will make you swoon.

-- Anne Schuster


(depending on lens/Rx/color, etc.)
Available from SF Optics - San Francisco

Grand Central Eyewear - New York

Eye Spy Optical - Chicago

QOptical - Boston

Also available for $180 via Optical Needs on eBay

Manufactured by Swissflex

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