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Yoshihiko Mano

If web technology moves at a fast pace, then the world of games is simply supersonic. New consoles coming out one after another, graphics getting closer and closer to real-life video, story lines as complex as the best blockbuster movies out there… But one thing that is quite different to the web is that while web technology dies and goes to an internet grave (anyone out there still using Netscape?), there are still loads of fans just mad about old games. They may be up to thirty years old now, but, with their super cute 8-bit designs, enthusiasm just never grows cold for those old consoles and games.

Yet it’s kind of sad is that no new games are produced for the Famicom [Family Computer, known in America and Europe as the Nintendo Entertainment System] anymore, right? Well, the ‘My Famicase Exhibition 2013’ sets out to do something about that.

Held at METEOR in Kichijoji, the historic ‘My Famicase’ exhibition is already in its ninth year. Each time submissions of Famicon cartridges [famikon kasetto or famikase] are open to the public, and the best of them are selected for the show. This year there were eighty-nine designs chosen for the exhibition. PingMag went along to check them out, so here is our own PingMag selection!

Neko Stallion All Japan Version


ikkinone (illustrator)

You are the breeder, and your job is to raise the strongest — race-cat (neko)! Based on the legendary horse race game ‘Derby Stallion’, ikkynone’s 2013 version features not racing horses, but racing cats. Purrfect for a little viral fun, eh?

Heisei MOTHER E-ko


ek8bit (in training)

According to the designer, apparently this game aims to improve the problem of computer literacy worldwide. It’s split into a training section with lectures on IT stuff, and a shooting part where you can blast away at evil computer organisations (like MXcrosXft etc) that lurk in CyberSpace. But apparently it’s very tough to win…

Family lung capacity measure


Oya~n (company employee)

Using the mystery mic on the Famicom 2 player controller, this game allows you to, you guessed it, measure your lung capacity. Now you can check out your puff and wheeze in the comfort of your own home! Neat!

When I win the lottery


OLULU UP CENTER (housewife)

Just as the title says, a game that lets you live out the fantasy of winning the lottery. Now you can make your dreams come true — in a game, at least.



Yuko Yano (fashion designer)

You are a cat, and the goal of this action game is to wake your lazy owner and get breakfast. Apparently it’s a promotional game for that well-known (?) breakfast cat food, “BREAKFAST”. Cat punching, plate-smashing and cat flap escape okay! But be careful, if you overdo it you could end up in the cat pound.

Unknown — just what is this anyway?


Kakimori (painter/housewife)

This one’s a mystery. Here’s what the designer has to say: “What? You brought back the game I lent you?… Erm… did I lend you something? Must have been ages ago… Eh!? What IS this!!!!? Your sister doodled on it? … Looks to me like you tried to clean it, then cover it up… you gave up pretty quick, though — what IS this picture of? Hey, hey no wait, don’t do that, get up off your knees, you don’t need to apologize like that…. And just what is this game anyway?”

Dot Album


haya@TECS (manufacturing)

A very sophisticated game that transforms your photos into dot pictures. Full wireless LAN support, of course. Look out, Instagram?

8-bit Picture Diary


marii (office worker)

Facebook? Old! Time to write your blog in 8-bit, and keep all your favorite memories safe with this state-of-the-art Famicom game.

Bear Fishing


Niko Lanzuisi (film director)

A new take on those dull old fishing games — you’re a bear! Use your tact and cunning to catch those pesky salmon.

Diagonal Radar 3D


Kuske (KPLECRAFT) (musician)

3D Famicom has arrived! True, the system is pretty analogue, though. Simply cross your eyes and see the game jump right out at you! Cool!

Hope you enjoyed our little round-up of ‘Famicase 2013’. There are lots more games on display at METEOR, so why not go along and check them out?

All images courtesy of 
2F 1-6-7 Minamimachi, Kichijoji, Musashinoshi, Tokyo

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