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Remembering That Time in the 90s When Disney Hired a Pedophile To Direct a Movie

 When people think of a pederast or sexually deviant film director, they are likely to imagine Roman Polanski having sex with a 13-year-old or Woody Allen marrying his adopted daughter. But those stories are a bit tired and cliched now, so, for those with a thirst for horrible stories about film men abusing their power, we present mid-budget journeyman director Victor Salva. In 1989, Salva was jailed after molesting the 12-year-old star of his first feature film, the low-budget horror thriller Clownhouse.

Salva has said that the idea of making a horror movie like Clownhouse had been on his mind for some time, and when you watch it, you can see why. The plot’s victims are three pre-pubescent brothers, led by debutant Sam Rockwell, who spend their time running hysterically around their enormous suburban house getting terrorised by sadistic escaped lunatics dressed as circus clowns (the leader is called “Cheezo”).

As a concept, it’s pretty basic, though the nightmare’s enlivened by a constant, thrumming undercurrent of high school homoeroticism, which manifests itself in lingering crotch-shots and constant close-ups of half-naked teens. It’s basically as terrifying as you’d expect a film about murderous, child-killing clowns directed by a pedophile to be.


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Although he made his name in the late ’70s and early ’80s with horror classics like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Salem’s Lot, and (at least officially) Poltergeist, director Tobe Hooper‘s been laying low as of late. His last credits, two episodes of the Showtime series Masters of Horror, and the 2005 film Mortuary, are from several years back, and the films he did before that (including Toolbox Murders and The Mangler) were neither as well known nor as highly respected as his early work.

Happily for horror fans, he’s back this year with a new film called Djinn, described as “unique new take on the haunted house thriller uncovers the dark truth behind classic fairytales of the Genie.” And in even better news, the first trailer for the film actually looks pretty good, aside from the fact that some of the scenes could use subtitles for English speakers. Watch it after the jump.

[via First Showing]

Scripted by David Tully, Hooper’s Djinn centers around an attractive young Emirati couple (Khalid Laith and Razane Jammal) who return to their brand-new luxury apartment after a trip to the U.S., only to learn that the building’s site also happens to be home to malicious spirits known as Djinn. It looks like a typical haunted house tale in most respects, right down to the shot of Jammal standing terrified in her living room, but the sleek, modern Abu Dhabi setting and Djinn mythology seem like they’ll provide some refreshing updates to the formula.

Despite this weekend’s rumors that the Abu Dhabi royal family had objected to the film’s “politically subversive” nature and demanded it be shelved, production company Imagenation Abu Dhabi confirmed to Shock Till You Drop today that Djinn “is in active post-production” and will hit theaters sometime this year. However, no opening date has been announced at this time.

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