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Mosquito (Best)

Title : Mosquito (Best)
Publisher : Sony Computer Entertainment
Game Type : A Bit Special
Console : PS2

Price : £9.99

Innovative, if a little off- kilter, 'Ka' is played through the eyes of a mosquito trying to get a good feed. The much-maligned insect can fly freely within the room to close in on a human occupant and try and hit one of the sweet spots suitable for feeding. Unfortunately the family living in the house are aware of your humming presence and will lash out if flying too close or the blood isn't efficiently pinched with a tight joypad rotation. Interesting scenarios with the mother preparing dinner and the slightly voyeuristic section with a lady in the bath. Sony again delivers another genre bending title. Just keep away from the smoking mosquito coils, no matter how tempting they look.

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Taiko no Tatstujin

Title : Taiko no Tatstujin
Publisher : Namco
Game Type : Rhythm
Console : PS2

Price : £16.99

Japanese release of the tub thumping American version which is best played with the Taiko Controller: hit in certain parts in tune to the on screen action. Wide spectrum of songs from Ridge Racer to Beethoven via Walking on Sunshine and Killer Queen. Three mini games too: a watermelon eating contest, a firework festival and a dog escape to a helicopter. Undeniably bizarre with smiling squids, dancing dogs and samurai turtles; but when it brings a Japanese festival into your home it can't be bad. Also known by its Japanese name Taiko no Tatsujin.

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