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Interview with a Casino Priest

Historically speaking, a casino is a place to lose money and time and wear a bad shirt (or take acid and go to a Lauryn Hill concert). What it isn’t is a place for a priest. So when I heard that Melbourne’s Crown Casino employs a full-time priest I said fuck off. But they do. They really do. That man is Friar James Grant, a plain-spoken dude of the cloth who spends his days chatting to lost souls in what must be one of the least spiritual places on Earth. I met him in the food court—where he knew everyone—to talk God, gambling, and whether or not he wanted to play craps with me.

VICE: So what are you doing here?
Friar James Grant: I offer counseling services. A lot of the people come to the casino because they’re lonely or they’re depressed. I always tell people to look at the bigger picture. OK, so you might have a gambling problem, but what else is going on in your life? What’s the bigger picture?

Do you tell people it’s wrong to gamble?
No, I don’t think it is. There’s nothing in the bible that says it’s wrong to gamble. What’s bad, and this goes for booze and drugs and driving your car 200 miles an hour down the road, is a lack of moderation. I would consider that in moderation, gambling could be considered a normal human activity.

So drugs are OK in moderation?
I don’t know about that, I’m simply saying you have the right to free will. Do you have the right to walk in here? Absolutely. Do you have the right to take drugs and fuck your life up? Yes you do. Is it a good decision? No, it’s a dickhead decision but if I try to stop you, if I say “you no longer have the right to do that,” then I’m reducing your humanity. And God wants a full life for everyone.

Wow, that doesn’t seem typical of the Catholic belief system. And you said “Fuck.”
[Laughs] Yes well, I’m just speaking for myself. I don’t espouse what you might think of as the normal Catholic agenda but then I think the Church needs to change. There are too many priests who never go into the real world. They sit in their church and wait for the congregations to come to them. That’s useless. I think I serve a much more useful roll by providing counseling where people need it and speaking like a real human being.


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Following from the Shit Pro Skaters Say video they produced, Crailtap have made a Shit Skateboard Photographers Say featuring Michael Burnett. "Shall we go long? Shall we go fish?" Watch below!

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New Stranger!

It’s a new year, and we’re happy to bring you the newest member of the family - Justin Vogel.

Born and raised in Hells’ Kitchen, NYC, Justin’s street work is at once classic and contemporary, and his portfolio is a perfect example of that. This interview is a good starting point to understanding the mind of our newest, and perhaps strangest, recruit.

“I like all types of people. I like the “haves”, and the “Have-nots”. Anybody interesting, anybody with style. I like the people who walk around with a big FUCK YOU on their faces. I like the people who walk around with their hearts on their sleeves. I guess you could say characters or whatever, but I kinda hate that term. I shoot the same Streets day after day, year after year, and I shoot the people who I share those streets with. The people’s style’s change, but the Street stays the same. They clean shit up, raise the rents etc. it doesn’t change things. Back in the eighties this world down here was an immense shit hole. Now it is super fancy. 10 years from now it will be a shit hole again. Part of me cant wait.”

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If you live in a media-free bubble, you can find out why London is covered in broken glass here. This report features photographs, videos and anecdotal commentary from Saturday night’s initial outburst of violence on Tottenham High Road. (...)
Read the rest of HOW THE RIOTS BEGAN: NEW VIDEOS (514 words)

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FUCKING FINALLY!!!!! Mellowhype Releases The Visuals For ‘64’ From The Re-Release of BLACKENEDWHITE. (Directed by Matt Alonzo) The Album Comes Out July 12th With A Couple New Songs And Some Other New Shit. Pre Order Here.

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