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On Ars Technica, Tom Connor does a great job producing a taxonomy and history of rage-faces, showing how they evolved from a set of proscribed, orthodox uses on 4chan to a wider set of uses and meanings in several online communities.

Rage faces slowly migrated from 4chan into other communities. There, they gained popularity and expanded their numbers as artists introduced new faces, and particularly humorous comics went viral in their communities. Though the faces were no longer exclusive to any single forum, they stayed true to the originals in style.

More people got involved, the cartoons mutated and evolved, and like any successful species, they adapted to fit into a wide variety of habitats. "You can trace back the origins to 4chan so you can say [the faces are 4chan's] baby, but it's evolved on such a wide scale that it's gone beyond anyone's single ownership," Swanson said. "Mostly the original faces are from 4chan, but a lot of the newer faces have come out of F7U12, or other places like FunnyJunk."

Fffuuuuuuuu: The Internet anthropologist's field guide to "rage faces"

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2/10 Would Not Bang is an image macro series in which photos of physically attractive women (and occasionally men) are scrutinized for minor or imagined flaws, prefaced by an ironically low rating on a scale of one to ten. The images are meant to parody hypocritical judgments made about women’s sex appeal on the Internet.


The rise in popularity of the phrase “would not bang” can be attributed to the advice animal series Butthurt Dweller, which represents Internet commenters who are smug and judgmental about the physical appearance of others. On August 4th, 2011, a Butthurt Dweller Quickmeme[14] image was submitted with the caption “‘That bitch got fat since high school, would not bang’ / 90 lbs overweight” (shown left). On September 15th, another Butthurt Dweller image with the caption “6/10 / Would Not Bang” (shown right) was submitted to the image macro site Meme Generator.[12]

On January 3rd, 2012, a thread titled “Would not bang” was submitted to 4chan’s[1] /b/ (random) board, which featured a photo of actress, model and WWE fighter Stacy Keibler.[2] The image was captioned in red text with criticisms of subtle details in the photo and the words “2/10 / Would Not Bang” in white. The thread received 545 replies prior to being archived, many of which included new versions of the meme.

Precursor: Sharp Knees

On June 23rd, 2004, a photo gallery of Playboy model Carla Harvey was submitted to the Internet humor site Fark[13], to which user studman69 replied:

“I definitely would NOT hit it. Just look at those sharp knees. She is way below my standard.”

The comment became an ironic catchphrase on the site and inspired photoshopped screenshots of the comment with images of unattractive men.


On January 3rd, 2012, a post titled “2/10 would not bang girls” was submitted to the /r/4chan[3] subreddit, which included images from the original 4chan thread posted earlier that same day. On January 4th, a compilation of “would not bang” examples was submitted to FunnyJunk.[5] On January 7th, Body Building[7] forum user KuRdiSh created a thread titled “2/10 WOULD NOT BANG (pic)”, featuring the original image of Stacy Keibler from 4chan. On January 24th, the Internet humor blog UpRoxx[8] published an article titled “Meme Watch: ‘2/10, Would Not Bang’ Is Here to Help Point Out The Flaws You Might Have Missed”, which applauded the meme for parodying Internet commenters’ hyper-criticism of beauty. The following day, Slacktory[9] writer Cole Stryker published an article titled “2/10 Would Not Bang: 4chan’s Funniest New Meme”, which included several examples of the series.

The meme has continued to spread on sites like FunnyJunk[16] and Tumblr[6] under the tag “#would not bang.” As of April 24th, 2012, a Facebook[15] page for “2/10 Would NOT BANG” has received 192 likes.

Notable Examples

Derivative: Would Bang

On January 23rd, a photo of Valve co-founder Gabe Newell featuring the caption “10/10, would bang” reached the front page of the /r/gaming[17] subreddit, accumulating over 800 up votes in less than 24 hours. Several other inverse editions of “would not bang” have since been created with unflattering photographs.

Derivative: Would Not X

On January 26th, The Huffington Post[10] published a post titled “2/10 Would Not Bang Meme: What Else Won’t People Do?”, which included variations of the series including “would not eat”, “would not save” and “would not date” derivatives.


Search Interest

Searches for “would not bang” were relatively low in volume until January of 2012, the same month the earliest “2/10, would not bang” derivatives appeared.

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“Wikipedia Donation Banner Captions” refer to screenshot images based on Wikipedia’s 2011 end-of-year fundraising campaign, featuring various combinations of banner ad images and Wikipedia article titles for comedic effect. The screenshots typically juxtapose pictures of Wikipedia staff members or supporters with oddly fitting article titles that bring sexual or inappropriate implications to the reader’s mind.


Wikipedia’s “personal plea” banner ads were first introduced in November 2010 to promote its annual fundraising campaign[1], featuring a variety of founder Jimmy Wales’ portrait images along with his personal appeal for donations. Due to its omnipresent display across the site on every article page, Wikipedia visitors began poking fun at the campaign by taking screenshots of awkward image-word associations. In addition, the slogan “Please Read: A Personal Appeal from Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales” was also turned into a phrasal template.

When the ad campaign returned in November 2011, this time featuring portraits of other Wikipedia staff members and supporters, the awkward screenshot fad also resurged and gave way to a slew of humorous and often suggestive captioned images.


In October 2011, images of Wikipedia banner captions appeared as reaction images to various 4chan threads. Soon after, threads appeared on /b/ (random) board asking for users’ best Wikipedia banner captions. From there, the meme spread across other 4chan boards and other image-posting websites, as well as The Oatmeal.[2]

Notable Examples


Another derivation stems from Jimmy Wales himself pleading for money, often with a “puppy dog” face or a Scumbag Steve-type attitude.

2011 Fundraiser Turnout

On January 2nd, 2012, Wikimedia Foundation released an official statement[5] regarding the success of 2011 end-of-year fundraiser campaign. According to the blog post, Wikipedia reached a record-breaking turnout of $20 million from more than one million donors:

Our annual fundraising campaign reached a successful conclusion today having raised a record-breaking USD 20 million from more than one million donors in nearly every country in the world. It is our most successful campaign ever, continuing an unbroken streak in which donations have risen every year since the campaigns began in 2003.

Search Interest

External References

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“Stop Posting” is an online expression commonly used on discussion forums and imageboards in response to another participant’s spam or post that is deemed uninteresting or irrelevant to the thread topic. The phrase has since evolved into a reaction GIF series featuring various subjects grimacing in frustration or pleading out of desperation.


“Stop posting” is a commonly used phrase that has its root in Usenet newsgroups and discussion forum, where a participant may spam or flood the same post repeatedly and derail conversations. The earliest known instance of “Stop Posting” image macro appeared on October 21st, 2005 via Subchat Forum[1] where forum member Flatbush41 told another user AIM:


The same image has been since re-used on popular imageboards like 4chan[5] and other forums including FARK[2], Newgrounds[3] and eBaumsworld[4], as well as several non-English language forums. The Google Insights data indicates that the meme began to see significant spike in popularity with the circulation of this particular animated GIF file beginning sometime in late 2008:

In October 2009, a Facebook Page[6] called “Stop Posting Crap Every 2 Seconds” was launched. Another notable derivative emerged sometime in 2009, featuring a kitten’s paw placed over a person’s hand and the caption that read: “it’s time to stop posting.” The image also spawned a spin-off instance featuring Pinkie Pie following the emergence of of Bronies and My Little Pony fandom on 4chan imageboards in late 2010.

Notable Examples

Search Interest

External References

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“Draw Yourself” is an exploitable cartoon series centered around a plain stick-figure that can be customized to resemble what the illustrator looks and dresses like in real life. Similar to other character templates like fsjal and conga, “Draw Yourself” became a popular pastime on imageboards and forums largely due to its casual aesthetics. This version is not to be confused be with the expanded multi-pane template Draw Your Life.


The online phenomenon of illustrating and sharing self-portraits have been in existence prior to the emergence of “Draw Yourself” template, with notable examples like “Draw Yourself as a South Park Character” and “Draw Yourself as a Teenager” from the early 2000s.

The stick-figure template was created by LaxJeff2002 on a F@NBOY$ Forum [1] thread.

The figure itself first appeared on the /co/ board of 4chan after having been posted there by a friend of Jeff’s, where over 250 images of it were made.


Because the “Draw Yourself” template had its beginning on 4chan, there is little information available as to the specifics of its origin, but the drawing fad continued to spread throughout 2010 across a wide range of forums like Ultimate Guitar Forum[2], Dream Theater Forum[3] and Bodybuilding Forum[4], as well as online art communities like DeviantART[5]. “Draw Yourself” threads are still commonly seen on 4chan[6] and[7]. Throughout its lifespan, the Draw Yourself template was incorporated into other templates.

Your Life

The first template created from the original was the Your Life template, popularized in early 2010 on the /b/ board, that included day to day things such as favorite music, food, or catchphrase.

Draw Your Life

The Draw Your Life template, also popularized in early 2010 on the /b/ board, included the Draw Yourself template for different ages, allowing for a different kind of variety in the original.

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Awesome Face, also known as “epic smiley”, refers to a drawing of a round yellow-colored smiley face with upturned eyes. It has been predominantly used on sites and web forums like Something Awful and 4chan as a reaction face indicating approval, but can also be used ironically to convey disdain.


According to Chris Ainsworth of the gaming blog Driph[1], the Awesome Face was part of a series of emoticons designed and illustrated for the Pokemon-related web forum Pokemopolis. He claims to have contacted the creator of the image, and published the following correspondence:

I drew the icon years ago as part of an emoticon set he wanted for their new forum software, and I think he showed you all the other ones that were designed along with it. I’m not really sure what exactly I wanted it to represent but I think the ‘ridiculous childish glee’ that it now signifies is probably close!

I’m also a member at Something Awful and the first time I saw it posted I did a double take… I even remember my mind racing as to why and HOW someone had picked up a crappy lil’ icon off a tiny website, and I’m still not sure to this day… I assume a Pokemopolis member posted it on 4Chan. At that point I thought its posting would be a one time thing, but then I saw it more and more. It got to the point where I couldn’t read SA because everytime I saw it I’d just be completely freaked out, and naturally I came to hate it! I hoped every day that it would become bannable to post it, but the next best thing was replacing the VBCode. I also posted in BYOB in a thread Whalley made saying that I had made the icon originally, trying to get him to divulge where he had gotten it from. Most of SA assumed it was a ‘BYOB thing’ which was probably good because they’d probably want to lynch me if they actually knew where it was from.

I never expected it to become such a widespread meme, and I can’t say I even understand why its popular or why people want to make bag pins of it (Sure wish I could get some commission for the design though haha). It still weirds me out when I see webcomics use it though I’ve grown used to it now, sometimes I even tell nerdy neckbeard types that my dirty secret is psst I drew THAT smiley, which makes them say “MOAR!” or whatever is cool on 4Chan this week.

Though just for clarity sake my excuse for being on a Pokemon site in the first place was that I was young and stupid. But that’s the price of Internet fame!


The Awesome Face gained popularity through popular forums and image boards, most notably on the SomethingAwful forums and 4chan’s image boards. On January 30th, 2007, a forum thread was posted to SomethingAwful titled “NEW EMOTICON HITS SOMETHING AWFUL – BUT HOW POPULAR IS TOO POPULAR?”[2] that complained about how the emoticon and its derivatives were becoming too prevalent on the SA forums. The face spread to 4chan where it was often featured in wallpaper threads[3] dedicated to awesome face desktop backgrounds.

A Facebook[4] fan page has 42,649 likes as of August 26th, 2011. An awesome face Firefox browser theme is available on the site Get Personas.[5] On Newgrounds[6] an entire flash game dedicated to the face was uploaded by creator juegos.



Portraying Other Emotions

Numerous derivatives of Awesome Face have been seen portraying emotions other than “awesomeness”, such as sadness, pain and surprise.




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