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Emoji; they've conquered the world, featured in novels, and more recently they've allowed us to track Twitter's mood in real time. Now, a new app for iPhone automatically generates another internet staple, ASCII art, using only emoji. Emojify lets you take photos with your phone's camera, or pull existing images from your camera roll, and replaces the pixels with emoji. Once you've selected your photo, you'll be able to control image size (ranging up to 16-megapixel files for poster-sized prints) and contrast before exporting or sharing your creation.

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LA Video Hackathon Demo Nite

Can't come to the (sold-out) LA Video Hackathon ( by YouTube and GoogleTV this weekend? Don't worry, check out the live stream on Google Developers Live!

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 Tibetan Fox

For this week's Creepicute creature we have the Tibetan Fox, an animal who is absolutely adorable all over except its unsettling facial expression. Why so serious Fox? What kind of evil-genius plot are you hatching? What do you squeeps think, cuddly and cute, or mischievous and creepy?

Life's too short to avoid the *SPLORT*! Visit Daily Squee for your daily cuteness!

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Unknown (via Gwen)

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A short film about Jim Goldberg's book 'Raised by Wolves'. Seeing that the book has been out of print and hard to find, the studio decided to try and share this amazing work by making a movie about it/with it. Combining footage and audio from Jim's archive, along with new video made specifically for this project, we hope it tells Dave & Echo's story in a new and exciting way. Edited & animated by Brandon Tauszik -

Suitably creepy, and probably NSFW. Discovered via Wired's Raw File Blog.

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Emoji, the system of emoticons and pictures ubiquitous in Japanese text messaging and mobile email, is to be standardized after three of the country's major carriers announced plans to unify their character sets. Currently when you send a message to someone on a different network their phone will transliterate your emoji and display a similar character in the carrier's own style, but this can cause confusion in certain cases — an example is Docomo's Taurus zodiac sign being displayed as a picture of a regular cow when sent to a KDDI phone.

Docomo, KDDI, and eAccess have joined together to create a universal system, though KDDI says the smaller two carriers will simply be adopting Docomo's style. Nikkei reports that the latter two...

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