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Awesome paper on how particular synchronization mechanisms scale on multi-core architectures: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Synchronization but Were Afraid to Ask.

The goal is to pick a locking approach that doesn't degrade as the number of cores increase. Like everything else in life, that doesn't appear to be generically possible:

None of the nine locking schemes we consider consistently outperforms any other one, on all target architectures or workloads. Strictly speaking, to seek optimality, a lock algorithm should thus be selected based on the hardware platform and the expected workload


This paper presents the most exhaustive study of synchronization to date. We span multiple layers, from hardware cache-coherence protocols up to high-level concurrent software. We do so on different types architectures, from single-socket – uniform and nonuniform – to multi-socket – directory and broadcastbased – many-cores. We draw a set of observations that, roughly speaking, imply that scalability of synchronization is mainly a property of the hardware.

Some Findings:

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