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It's more important than ever to make smart decisions about your privacy online.

You don't have to get carried away with it, but you could probably stand to use some of the same tools that security-obsessed folks use every day.

Here are some utilities to help keep your identity to yourself.

Consider using Tor

Tor stands for "The Onion Router" and is a way to browse the web anonymously. Your computer's web traffic is routed through different servers around the world such that you can't be pinned down to one specific location or IP address.

Remove your data with SafeShepherd

We've previously reported on SafeShepherd, a company that makes it a snap to remove your personal data from the internet.

There are data collection agencies out there that maintain massive stockpiles of info on you. They sell this data to marketers or background checking companies, but with help from SafeShepherd, they'll remove it.

AnchorFree has an app you'll want to use

When you use public Wi-Fi at your local coffee shop, malicious snoops can pretty easily access your info. That's where AnchorFree steps in. Its Hotspot Shield app sits between your computer and a public Wi-Fi network to keep your data protected from the hands of people trying to access it.

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