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Mario Testino Presents:

Model Combat!
The Ultimate Face-Off!

Photography Mario Testino
Fashion Nicola Formichetti

From V76 The Sports Issue, on sale now:

Videographer Keith Kendall
Video Look Films

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Platforming Games 101 – All You Need To Know (Racketboy)
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Beat ‘Em Ups 101: All You Need To Know About Brawlers (Racketboy)
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Music Games [21 min] (G4 Icons)
Scary Games [21 min] (G4 Icons)

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How to handle player failure in games is a topic often written about, and even more often debated at great length.

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Exploding Rabbit's retro-themed Flash platformer Super Mario Bros. Crossover is set to see a major update in the first quarter of 2012, introducing a variety of new features and level skins based on beloved classics from the 8-bit and 16-bit eras.

The update adds a number of new characters, including Mario's brother Luigi, Trevor Belmont from Castlevania III, and Mega Man's Bass and Proto Man. Also included are nods to Retro Game Challenge's Haggle Man, along with character and world skins for Demon Returns -- impressively obscure picks, even if they're just reskins of existing characters.

Despite the seeming incongruity of the included gameplay mechanics, the formula actually works quite well -- witness how naturally Blaster Master's Sophia the 3rd glides through the water levels, for instance, or how destructive Ryu Hayabusa can be when he's let loose in the Mushroom Kingdom. The latest version of Super Mario Bros. Crossover can be played at Exploding Rabbit's website.

[via Tiny Cartridge]

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