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Independent studio Camouflaj has launched a Kickstarter funding campaign for the "AAA iOS Experience" République, a story-driven title focused on stealth and survival.

Partnering with production house Logan (the studio responsible for the memorable iPod "silhouette" ads), Camouflaj hopes to build an action game that centers around a believable, non-sexualized female lead and does not emphasize killing as part of its core mechanics. Themes such as government surveillance and voyeurism are tackled throughout the proposed 4-6 hour campaign.

République's funding goal is $500,000. The team is offering a variety of pledge rewards, including companion books, iPhone cases, posters, and in-game appearances. A downloadable copy of the game will be given to backers who pledge $10 or more.

[via @brandonnn]

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Gaijin Games has released new gameplay footage from its upcoming Bit.Trip Runner sequel Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien in advance of the game's appearance at PAX East this weekend.

Despite Gaijin Games co-founder Mike Roush's warning that the PAX build may have bugs and other issues, the footage seen here looks great! It's a big step up from the original game in terms of visuals, and the audio syncs up to the gameplay quite nicely.

Runner 2 is set to be released for Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network later this year.

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Super Meat Boy The Game.pngTommy Refenes and Edmund McMillen took to their Super Meat Boy blog to share more details about their upcoming mobile version of Super Meat Boy. The team admits on its blog there's no good way to port Super Meat Boy as it exists as a twitchy platformer to mobile devices "without the game becoming a pile of garbage." So, they decided to remake the whole game from the ground up.

The blog states this will be a "touch-controlled platformer specifically designed for Touch devices," while avoiding cluttering the screen with virtual controls. On Refenes' Twitter account, he states the team is considering iOS and Android builds for touch phones and pads.

Sure, all this news posted on April 1. But this is not the first time the team shared news on this hallowed day. On April Fools' Day in 2010, Team Meat legitimately announced including Ogmo from Matt Thornson's Jumper series in Super Meat Boy.

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flower-soundtrack-tn.pngDuring a recent discussion with Akira Yamaoka, the chief sound officer at Grasshopper Manufacture related news that Play For Japan: The Album Vol. 2 is intended for release in the near future.

Amid the discussion, interpreted by Rie Nakano of Grasshopper and translated by independent game composer Yoshi Miyamoto, it was revealed that the upcoming music compilation will feature a piece by Flower composer Vincent Diamante.

The Play For Japan game industry relief effort, organized following the Tohoku earthquake and tsunamis in Japan last year, features the participation of prominent game composers of various geographical regions. Proceeds raise funds for the Red Cross in Japan.

An in-depth series of interviews on Play For Japan: The Album Vol. 1 with Akira Yamaoka, Laura Shigihara and Woody Jackson can be found on the Gamasutra news site. Further interviews with Yasunori Mitsuda, Mitsuto Suzuki and Hip Tanakaβ can be found here, on

Sound and Music as Narrative in Flower on Vimeo

Source: Nubuwo

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In addition to the bundle's previously announced lineup, Indie Gala 3 buyers will also receive a copy of Bugbear Entertainment's 2005 racer FlatOut if the purchase price exceeds the campaign's average amount (currently $4.62).

All bundle purchases include copies of Headup Games' Trapped Dead, ClockStone Software's Greed: Black Border, and Radon Labs' Future Wars. Those who pay more than the average will also get DNS Development's Twin Sector and Silent Dreams' Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes. All games are available as DRM-free direct downloads and as product keys redeemable via Steam.

Additional "special goodies" will be unlocked at a later date for buyers who beat the average purchase price.

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Team2Bit describes XBLIG and PC project Fist Puncher, currently on Kickstarter, as a cross between Double Dragon and Castle Crashers. I played a few stages of it at GDC with the brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee Jake and Matt Lewandowski and can confirm that's pretty true. We three socialized while beating 20-30 characters on the screen at once, and it felt like the old (good Konami) arcade games were hungry for mere quarters, but with RPG elements sprinkled on top.

The team has 30 days left to reach its $10,000 goal, and they are almost 20% there, as of this writing. But, wait? This team need even more after winning IGN's The Next Game Boss competition? The prizes -- two Unity Pro licenses, two Adobe Premiere licenses, and an Origin gaming PC -- actually don't help much here.

"The Unity licenses are cool for the future, but since Fist Puncher is in XNA and I use (free) Paint.Net to make all the pixel art, they don't help much with this project," Jake told me. "Going on the show was most valuable for getting a little extra name exposure, but we can still honestly say we haven't made one cent making indie games."

Pledging $5 nets the PC digital download of the Washington's Wig, the game that won The Next Game Boss. A $15 pledge gets the PC version of Fist Puncher. With a pledge $5,000, you can spend the weekend with Team2Bit. I imagine it includes unlimited wine and hot tub access at this price, too. If Fist Puncher or Team2Bit gives you a fuzzy feeling, donate to or spread their Kickstarter campaign today.

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Shadow Planet Productions' BAFTA-winning, Metroidvania-styled shooter Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is on its way to PC platforms "very soon," with a bonus gameplay mode in tow.

Developers Michel Gagne and Joe Olson noted that the PC port is awaiting a release date and is otherwise "ready to go" in a recent Nintendojo podcast. The game will be released via Steam, and will include the "Shadow Hunters" cooperative challenge mode DLC for free.

[via Joystiq]

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After a short delay, Nyu Media's localized shoot-'em-up compilation The eXceed Collection is now available for purchase directly through

The eXceed Collection includes Tennen-sozai's bullet-hell doujin shooters eXceed: Gun Bullet Children, eXceed 2nd: Vampire REX, and eXceed 3rd: Jade Penetrate Black Package, all of which should prove quite challenging, if the above playthrough is of any indication. The game's soundtracks were recently released as digital downloads at Bandcamp.

The eXceed Collection is priced at $9.99. The games may also be purchased individually for $4.99 each. Releases for other distribution platforms will be announced soon.

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indie buskers.jpgFive notable indie developers have formed Indie Buskers, and they will jam on five game ideas from Internet submissions and live-stream the creative process for 48 hours during the weekend of April 14-15.

Sophie Houlden (Swift Stitch), Rat King Entertainment (Pitman), Sos Sosowski (visit Sos' site for a quick smile), Pekka Kujansuu (Tiny Hawk), and Ido Yehieli (Cardinal Quest) round out the team of five.

Readers still have time to submit ideas to these developers before they proceed to the next step of picking from the submissions and allowing everyone a final vote on what games are made. The 48-hour process will be as transparent as possible with the Buskers live-streaming everything, having a public chat room, progress bars, progress screenshots and early releases to play.

All we need now are neural scanners (for further insight) and some dancing! Dance for my game ideas, Buskers! Dance!

[ Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun ]

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Developer Dare Manojlovic has released new gameplay footage for the upcoming Altitude0, an aerial racing title that looks to be shaping up quite nicely.

Much of the game's challenge involves maintaining a steady flight path at a low altitude, though the obstacles strewn throughout each course certainly don't make things any easier. "It can be quite challenging to avoid trees while flying just above forests," creator Manojlovic notes. "So it's important that you think and feel like an air race pilot, maneuvering your plane swiftly in the air, rolling and spinning to avoid obstacles."

It looks like it could be a lot of fun -- the stunt-based racing gives me a strong Pilotwings vibe, which is always a good thing. No release date for Altitude0 has been announced.

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