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Narbacular Drop

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Protekor is a score-based arcade game that is best played with a trackball, although both trackpad and traditional mouse input are also supported. You control the line that races around a transparent globe, tasked with crashing into invading enemy crystals to destroy them before they drain away all of the energy from the planet's core. The core also gains a bit of energy back whenever you smash an enemy crystal into pieces.

Linking same-coloured crystals increase your attack power and energy gain bonus, while connecting crystals of different colours generate a seeking attack to help you fend off the invaders. The game will only end if the core loses all of its energy.

Protekor is available to play at this page.

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Swift's first for Dark Void studio incoming.

Square Enix will release the latest game from former Valve designer and Portal co-creator Kim Swift, with an official unveiling due this weekend.

The game, which Square's tease dubs "incredibly fascinating and quirky", is being developed at Dark Void developer Airtight Games, where Swift is now a project lead. We'll find out more about the title this Saturday at the PAX Prime show in Seattle.

Swift joined Valve straight out of Washington tech college DigiPen in 2005, where she co-developed Narbacular Drop - the direct inspiration for Portal's basic mechanics. As well as Portal, she also worked on Left 4 Dead 2 before leaving for Airtight back in December 2009.


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