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TEDxTeen - Natalie Warne: A Story Never Stands Alone

Born in an underserved part of Chicago, Natalie was raised in a loving, hard-working family. In her teens, her family of five was forced to move from city to city to find work. Attending four high schools in four years, Natalie was no stranger to challenge, and was determined to make something great out of her life. At 17, Natalie saw the documentary Invisible Children, a film exposing Africa's longest running war. Compelled by this story, she became a volunteer with Invisible Children, and quickly stood out among the other interns being asked to help lead their event, "The Rescue," in 100 cities worldwide. Through Natalie's determination tens of thousands of people came out to the event. Her efforts paid off when Oprah Winfrey invited Invisible Children and Natalie onto her show. The event was then highlighted on CNN, and countless other news outlets. Natalie's natural charisma and astounding leadership qualities did not stop there. Following The Rescue, Natalie went to Rwanda as a production assistant where she realized her passion for filmmaking. In returning to the States, she worked with Invisible Children in its film department, and moved to Los Angeles to continue pursuing film. Natalie was asked to share her story at TEDxTeen in 2011. Her story had an incredible response and was featured on Her Talk has received over 400000 views from around the world. While still pursuing her dreams of filmmaking, Natalie uses her story to inspire and challenge youth in <b>...</b>

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