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Perlin noise

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Being able to create geometry on-the-fly is a really cool Unity feature. And Unity's scripting engine is fast enough that you can even do it from JavaScript. This project contains 10 examples, as well as 2 useful base functionality providers you can drop into your existing projects.

Base Functionality

These are located in the Plugins folder of the project and they are used extensively in these examples. They are read for easy inclusion within your existing projects.

Extrude arbitrary meshes thorugh a range of transformations
A useful base class for generating Perlin noise


This project contains 10 procedural examples in all.

Perlin Noise

Here are the procedural examples involving Perlin noise:

Perlin Noise
Perlin noise is incredibly useful when you want to have randomness that is smoothed as you 'zoom' in.
Fractal Textures
Generates a hybrid Perlin multifractal texture on the fly.
Lightning Bolt
Generates a lightning bolt particle system connecting points. Each particle is offset from the direct line using Perlin noise.





Here are the procedural examples involving mesh manipulation:

Crumple mesh modifier
A mesh deformed by Perlin Noise
Sinus curve modifier
A mesh deformed by Sinus functions
Shows how to use the extrusion script by etxtruding two objects along a physics-defined path
Sculpt Vertices
Sculpt a sphere using the mouse.
Tron Trail
An example of how to generate meshes that looks like the racing trails from Tron.
Implements a procedural twist deformation in runtime.
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In this tutorial we show how to use two important methods of the BitmapData class,
perlinNoise and ColorMatrixFilter. By combining the two, we obtain a realistic
dynamic cloud effect. The color schemes of the sky and the clouds can easily be changed.

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