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Our friend Josh Slater is an artist who has been doing some interesting projects recently. He designed a pyramid for the new MGMT video for Congratulations, and he also has been working on a project with us, designing a billboard for Smart Car which is going to be painted on Spring St. next week. Click “Read More” to see the MGMT video and for a a little get together of his for the Smart mural.

Josh’s drawing is going to be reproduced by Colossal Media on a 19 foot by 40 foot wall on Spring st (between Crosby and Lafayette Street, next to the 6 downtown train). The wall will start being prepped on the 27th and the painting will end on the 1st. To celebrate, he is going to have an opening party on Wednesday the 1st at Gatsby’s (63 Spring Street) from 6pm to around 10. Hope to see you there.

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