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Mother of God… is a rage comic character of a man staring intently at something as he takes his sunglasses off. It can be also used outside of rage comics to express astonishment or disbelief in response to a shocking image or a video. Similar to the colloquial usage of the phrase, the reaction face can be used to either indicate approval or disapproval, depending on the context. When used in the context of rage comics, it is usually preceded by a stick-figure drawing of the same man humming and walking with sunglasses still on.


The rage face originally came from a panel of KC Green’s web comic titled “Euclids on the Block” featuring the famous Greek mathematician (shown below, left). The comic was initially posted on his Livejournal sometime in August 2008 and later included in his Blog Comix (Blomix) series.[1] KC Green is also aware that his comic has been adapted into this meme[2].

Meanwhile, the earliest known instance of the comic to date was submitted by FunnyJunk user TehEman in a post titled “mother of god”[3] (shown above, right) on May 26th, 2010. According to Know Your Meme user petoulachi, an unspecified instance of the comic has been seen on 4chan as early as on June 17th, 2010.

Etymology & Precursor

According to Wikipedia[12], “Mother of God” is an imprecise translation of the Theotokos, the Greek title of Mary, the mother of Jesus, which is often used in Eastern Orthodox churches and misinterpreted in Roman Catholics and Anglicans. Prior to its rage comic adaptation, the phrase “mother of god” had been iterated in popular films and TV shows, most notably in the opening scene of the 2001 comedy film Super Troopers (shown below) and alternatively as the title or filename of images, videos or threads depicting sights of absolute WIN or FAIL.


On July 29th, 2010, the reaction face image was uploaded onto Flickr[11] by user RocketsToVenus.Throughout the latter half of the year, the “Mother of God” rage comic series gradually caught on with FunnyJunk users. In the following year, the comics spread to other image-sharing platforms like Tumblr[5] and Reddit[4], as well as internet humor blogs like Memebase[13], ZipMeme[8] and MemeCenter[9] among others. As of July 2012, a keyword search for “Mother of God” on FunnyJunk[14] yields more than 1,050 image results. In addition, the reaction face has been adapted into an image macro series on Quickmeme[6] and Memegenerator[7], while the expression has also spawned various derivatives based on the snowclone “Mother of X.”

Notable Examples

Blank Template

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The Final Boss of the Internet is a mythological character that is supposedly found at the “final level” of the Internet if it were imagined as a video game. The term is generally used to refer to any object, person or place that can be seen as very powerful or difficult to overcome.


According to an article on the archive site The Armory[10], the first video game to incorporate defeatable bosses was the 1975 role-playing game dnd. The game incorporated many of the elements behind the table top game Dungeons & Dragons, and was designed for the PLATO computer system. The point of the game was to defeat a final boss named “Gold Dragon” who protected an orb which would end the game once collected by the player.

The earliest known reference to the Internet as a video game with an end boss comes from an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) log archived on[1] as early as September 2002 according to Google cached data. This shares the same source of origin for the expression “you win the Internet”.

<BombScare>… i beat the internet
<BombScare>… the end guy is hard

Tropes entry for “Final Boss”[2] was created on August 9th, 2010 and defines the character as the “last major challenge in many video games.”


The phrase “final boss of the Internet” is typically used in jest as a way of saying someone or something is so strong, mysterious, or weird looking, that they must be the Internet’s last standing ruler. The first Urban Dictionary definition for “final boss of the Internet” was submitted by user Krem on January 9th, 2005.

Sometimes, people jokingly refer to the internet as a game of sorts, and, like all games, it must have a final boss. Who or what the final boss truly is has been disputed, but one of the more accepted claims is that the position is held by Scott Willoughby, aka StaringVacantly.

Entities that are commonly referred to as “the final boss of the Internet” include the ad-hoc Internet subculture Anonymous and a rainbow version of the llama-like creature Bunchie.


The earliest known archived 4chan[7] thread mentioning the final boss was titled “Ulilillillia – the final boss of the internet”, about game designer and author Nick Smith (aka ulillillia), was posted on November 20th, 2007.

On October 8th, 2008, the tech blog Romhack[8] published a post titled “Anonymous: final boss of the Internet?” which described the culture of Anonymous on 4chan. On July 8th, 2009, a video titled “Rainbow Bunchie (aka Final Boss of the Internet)” featuring a rainbow colored animated Bunchie was uploaded to YouTube by user martianmedia. The video accumulated over 1.7 million views within 2.5 years.

On September 5th, 2009, the first Yahoo Answers question for “Who is the final boss of the internet?” was submitted by user Vault Boy. The top ranked answer chosen by voters was “Anon” by user nezvoratue.

On October 1st, 2011, a post titled “Final Boss of the Internet” was posted to the humor site Cracked[4] claiming that Anonymous was not the final boss of the Internet. A Facebook[9] page for “The Final Boss of teh Internets” has received 308 likes as of February 14th, 2012.

Notable Images

Notable Videos

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“Are you Fucking Kidding Me?” is a rage comic character wearing a scornful facial expression that is typically used in reaction to someone else’s extreme stupidity, similar to the usage of Look of Disapproval (ಠ_ಠ) or X is not amused.


Like most rage comic style exploitables, the series is said to have started on 4chan, while the oldest known instance (shown below, left) has been uploaded to the internet humor site FunnyJunk[10] as early as on May 23rd, 2010. On the next day, a blank four-pane template[11] featuring the reaction face (shown below, right) was submitted by FunnyJunk user FunnyJunkBrah, which went on to inspire nearly 300 derivative comics[9] on the site during the last week of May 2010.


Less than a month later on June 16th, 2010, DeviantART user CruiserPL uploaded a transparent drawing[1] of the “Are You Fucking Kidding Me” rage comic face, followed by another version[2] (shown below) featuring the phrase as its caption on June 19th, which has been viewed more than 102,000 times as of September 2012.

Additional four-pane comics using the character have since emerged on other image-sharing communities like Reddit[3] and Tumblr[4], as well as a variety of internet humor blogs including Memebase[12], We Know Memes[5],[8] and SB Nation[6] among others.

Notable Examples

Related: “Are You Serious” Face

The rage face associated with the phrase “Are You Fucking Kidding Me” eventually became replaced by another rage comic character dubbed Are You Serious, based on the face contour of David Silverman of American Atheists wearing a perplexed facial expression during an on-air debate with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News.

Search Interest

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