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Goully Sandro Kopp

At some point in everyone's lives, Pooh Bear and Piglet lose their appeal and turn from adored comfort objects to raggedy reminders of childhood – something to be chucked into the back of a cupboard or shoved away in an attic. But where Sandro Kopp once asked his portrait subjects to sit for him over Skype, he's now requested their cuddly toys, which form the basis of his new work, Fiercely Loved, which opens for a private view tonight at Timothy Everest. Using oil paint, Kopp restores the solemnity and gravitas of these childhood tchotkes, seeking out the material imprints of their owner's personalities and adolescent memories – and reminding us of the toys we leave behind as we enter adulthood.

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Berlin-based Studio NAND is a remarkable, research-driven vehicle for the education and realisation of exciting science-design-technology hybrid projects. They are both a product and a champion of open-sourcing, so much so that they created a platform with learning materials called as well as a workshopping presence at Resonate. In an interview with the Creators Project, they explained that of all the objects, installations, environments, applications and programmes they invent and create, are designed to “foster a debate about contemporary and future technologies and their social and ethical implications.”

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