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Google's controversial decision to shut down Google Reader on July 1st has left its users searching for a new news-collecting homeland, and we now have an idea of the scale of the RSS diaspora. Feedly has announced that more than half a million Google Reader users have signed up for its RSS service following Google's service termination announcement on Wednesday. Feedly also says it's working to keep up with its growth, increasing bandwidth by 10 times and adding new servers. Moving forward, the developers say its main priorities over the next 30 days are to keep the service running, to solicit suggestions from new users, and to add new features on a weekly basis.

The Google Reader shutdown will force users and developers of third-party...

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For fifteen years, A List Apart has published long-form magazine articles written by the whip-smart web community (AKA you). But we don’t always have grand, 2,000-word arguments to make. Sometimes we just want to tell you about a new technique, share an article, or post a quick note.

And that’s what you’ll see here: short posts and interesting links from our staff and contributors.

You got blog in my RSS

A few of you noted that your RSS readers have been heaving under the weight of the new ALA. Don’t worry! We had some RSS hiccups during launch. Expect about a blog post or two a day, more or less, from here on out.

Starting now, you can also select from two RSS subscription options:

A word from our sponsors

If this redesign says anything, it’s that we care about reading—and we don’t want advertising (or anything else) to get in the way.

That won’t change.

But we do need to cover our costs—mostly paying our staff and contributors a small honorarium for their countless hours of work—so we’re going to start including a sponsor on our RSS feed. (If you read Daring Fireball, it’ll look a lot like that.) Much like The Deck ads we already run on ALA, we’ll only accept sponsors that offer something we think is relevant, and it’ll never be intrusive.

Have a blog post idea?

The best way to tell us is to tweet it @alistapart.

Please only e-mail us about feature article submissions—we can only sift through our inbox a couple times a week, and we don’t want your awesome idea to get lost in a pile of press releases.

Also, please, please don’t send us any more press releases.

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I haven’t posted in awhile so here’s a special Hallowed Eve photo just for those that still visit.

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About three years ago, I shared 37 data-ish blogs you should know about, but a lot has changed since then. Some blogs are no longer in commission, and lots of new blogs have sprung up (and died).

Today, I went through my feed reader again, and here's what came up. Coincidentally, 37 blogs came up again. (Update: added two I forgot, so 39 now.) I'm subscribed to a lot more than this since I don't unsubscribe to dried up feeds. But this list is restricted to blogs that have updated in the past two months and are at least four months old.

Design and Aesthetics

  • information aesthetics — By Andrew Vande Moere, the first blog I found on visualization five something years ago.
  • Well-formed data — Another one of the oldies but goodies. The blog of Moritz Stefaner, known for lots of projects around these parts
  • blprnt.blg — Blog of Jer Thorp, who has recently been on a github binge. See also blprnt.tmblr
  • Fathom — Ben Fry-run studio talks about interesting things
  • feltron — Nicholas Felton's tumblr with quick bits of delight
  • Tulp Inspiration — Another tumblr, this one run by Jan Willem Tulp

Statistical and Analytical Visualization


General Visualization


Data and Statistics

That's what I read. Your turn.

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