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Shuttle-Derived Launch Vehicle

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Soldier Home
Suffering from addiction, veteran Lenny Costa found himself alone and afraid sleeping under a big pine tree in the park.  According to “Soldier On,” a nonprofit program providing shelter, support and job training, veterans are three times more likely than civilians to become homeless.  Matt Slaby of Luceo Images tells the story of veterans regaining their dignity through taking on the responsibilities of their lives. The Soldier On project is a $6.1-million dollar program that subsidizes and facilitates veterans in taking ownership of their communities and homes.

Immigration Upended
In the last 30 years a massive influx of illegal immigrants has been crossing over from Mexico to the United States.  For the first time in years, the wave has slowed down to a fraction of what it once was.  The New York Times multimedia story “Immigration Upended” looks at expanded economic and educational opportunities in Mexico relative to increasing immigrant crackdowns and economic slowdowns in the United States. Many are no longer feeling the allure across the border.

The Hidden Life of Guns
The Washington Post investigation “The hidden life of guns” traces the paths of guns used in crimes to investigate gun violence.   Since 1992, more than 2,500 guns purchased from Realco Guns in Forestville, Md., have been linked to gun-related crimes the Washington area.  The number of crime guns linked to Realco is disproportionately higher than all other gun stores in the area. The Post investigates the source of the crime guns and gives an in-depth report including law enforcement efforts to track the guns, the right to bear arms and the families torn apart by violent crime.

The Space Shuttle Era
Marking the end of the space shuttle era, Atlantis prepares for its final mission to deliver parts and supplies to the International Space Station.   The shuttle program has not only been instrumental in advancing science and space exploration, it has also provided thousands of aerospace jobs and spinoff industries.  The current demands of space exploration, coupled with the privatization of the industry, are bringing the shuttle program to an end, and those working in the industry face uncertainty.  The St. Petersburg Times multimedia presentation “ The Space Shuttle Era” looks at the shuttle fleet’s history, starting from the first mission of delivering communications satellites to repercussions of an industry undergoing change.

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