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Jack Lowe

A little while ago we posted up the Perspective skate film Red Bull shot, featuring skateboarders Ryan Sheckler, Torey Pudwill, Ryan Decenzo and Zered Bassett. Now we have How To Film A Skate Movie - a behind-the-scenes look at the Hollywood-style production of the 16 minute short. It may not be what skateboarding is used to in terms of production, but Red Bull went all out, shooting with Anamorophic lenses and Phantom cameras which allowed footage to be replayed in super slow-motion. Whether you're into this style of filmmaking or not, it's an impressive process to watch and learn about. Check it out above!

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(Vimeo Direkt2nd, via Yeah)

Preisgekrönte Mischung aus experimentellem Kurzfilm und Sk8-Video von Colin Blackshear. 20 Minuten auf dem Longboard durch Kalifornien. Whoa!

In an exploration of the abstract and the extreme, Second Nature is an examination of the natural boundaries of the human body. Noah Sakamoto, Patrick Rizzo and J.M. Duran star as the test subjects as they wield skateboards and blue suits to race down the roads of the High Sierras in California.

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