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SNK Playmore

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SNK Playmore is developing a new portable version of its classic Neo-Geo console.

Named the "Neo-Geo Keitai", or "Neo-Geo Portable", the mobile device plays 20 pre-loaded games from the original Neo-Geo's nineties era, Kotaku reports.

The portable boasts a 4.3 inch LCD screen and 2GB of memory, presumably expandable through the included SD card slot.

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Otomedius Excellent (New)

Title : Otomedius Excellent (New)
Publisher : Konami
Game Type : Shoot Em Up
Console : XBox360

Price : £26.99

Konami has a real flair for such shooters with its tongue in cheek visual gags and gaggle of girls that given this a Doujin feel in terms of characterisation, but with triple A production values. Its hard to think of anything else but gorgeous, not the prequel, but just down to the beautifully coloured 3D backgrounds and warming lighting effects. Simultaneous three player blasting is a real hoot.

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