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Street photography

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“Everybody Street” - Street Photography in NYC

The good people over at Desillusion Magazine are continuously inspiring to us by showcasing the culture, fashion and lifestyle shared by the surf-, skateboarding and snowboarding community. 

Recently we stumbled upon the trailer of “Everybody Street” through their website: “The film illuminates the lives and work of New York’s iconic street photographers and the incomparable city that has inspired them for decades. The documentary pays tribute to the spirit of street photography through a cinematic exploration of New York City, and captures the visceral rush, singular perseverance and at times immediate danger customary to these artists.”

Find out more about the movie here.
And check out Desillusion Magazine here.

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Alfred Steiglitz was a key player in the New York street photography scene from the beginning of the twentieth century. It’s his candid spectatorial of the big city’s spirit and people that has been the creative catalyst for many a photographer shooting on the streets today – and with them, the Everybody Street tribute film project by Cheryl Dunn. Featuring a cinematic compilation of interviews and photographs with those artists who dedicate themselves to the city today, it’s full of wonderfully honest, anecdote-heavy insights from great photographers like Joel Meyerowitz and Rocky Powell.

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