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Vancouver Canucks

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Last Wednesday, June 15, thousands of Vancouver Canucks hockey fans gathered in their city's Rogers Arena to watch the final game of the Stanley Cup playoffs against the Boston Bruins. After the Canucks lost and the crowds poured out into the streets, some fans began rioting, smashing storefront windows, looting, and overturning cars. The following day, many volunteers gathered in downtown Vancouver to help clean up and repair the damage. They wrote thousands of emotional messages on the plywood covering storefronts, sidewalks, and police vehicles -- messages expressing anger at the rioters, pride in the city, and gratitude toward police and emergency workers. The spontaneous display of sentiment on these sheets of plywood appears to be important enough to the history of the city that the Museum of Vancouver will be saving them once they come down. (Also, be sure to read about The Last Time Canadians Rioted After the Stanley Cup Finals) [24 photos]

A Vancouver Canucks fan videotapes the chaos around an overturned burning pickup truck in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, during rioting after the Canucks lost Game 7, the final and deciding game of the Stanley Cup playoffs to the Boston Bruins on June 15, 2011. (Reuters/Anthony Bolante)

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Vancouver Riots 2011: Fans rage as Canucks lose Stanley Cup (by NMAWorldEdition)

Aaaaaaaand the inevitable animation version from Taiwan….

There really needs to be a DVD compiliation of all these NMATV Taiwanese news animations.

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