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The Wicker Man

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With Frightfest coming up in the next few couple of weeks, what better time to showcase some of the horror creeping towards the big screens in the second half of the year. First up is British horror with a big reputation Kill List, something from horror stalwart Melissa George with A Lonely Place to Die, Scandanavian hunting with Troll Hunter, and a reimagining of The Wicker Man with orginal director Robin Hardy's The Wicker Treeā€¦ Enjoy!

Kill List - Released 2nd September
Directed by Ben Wheatley

A Lonely Way to Die - Released 9th September
Directed by Julian Gilbey

Troll Hunter - Released 9th September
Directed by Andre Ovredal

The Wicker Tree - Released Late 2011
Directed by Robin Hardy

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