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In this post, featuring images from the last quarter of 2011, we remember a tumultuous year of change across the globe, the capture of Khadafi, the 10th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center, the passing of Apple icon Steve Jobs, fire, famine, flood and protests. A memorable year, indeed. -- Paula Nelson -- Please see part 1 and part 2 from earlier. (EDITOR'S NOTE: We will not post a Big Picture on Monday, December 26, due to the Christmas Holiday ) (51 photos total)
A defaced portrait of fugitive Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi in Tripoli on Sept. 1, 2011 as the fallen strongman vowed again not to surrender in a message broadcast on the 42nd anniversary of the coup which brought him to power. (Patrick Baz/AFP/Getty Images)

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The best photos of 2011 from around the globe. Warning: All images in this entry are shown in full, not screened out for graphic content. Some images contain dead bodies, graphic content and tragic events. We consider these images an important part of human history.

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Sri Lankan prisoners prepare to perform a traditional dance at the main Welikada prison in Colombo November 17, 2011. The cultural event is organized by the prisons department as part of the rehabilitation program for convicts, according to officials. Occupy Los Angeles protesters march through downtown during a rally Thursday, Nov. 17, 2011. Occupy Wall [...]

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RESCUE WORK: A man pointed to a spot in the rubble as rescuers gathered in Van, Turkey, Tuesday. Earlier, rescuers freed a baby and her mother, both alive. The death toll had risen to 432 by Tuesday afternoon from a 7.2-magnitude earthquake that rattled eastern Turkey Sunday. (Quentin Top/Wostok Press/Maxppp/Zuma Press)

LIFTED UP: A wounded protester was rushed to a makeshift hospital in San’a, Yemen, after government troops opened fire on tens of thousand of demonstrators, killing at least two, on Tuesday. (Marwan Naamani/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)

WILL ROW FOR FOOD: People paddled toward food dropped by a Thai army helicopter in a village that has been isolated by flooding in Ayutthaya, Thailand, Tuesday. (Athit Perawongmetha/Reuters)

HUNKERED DOWN: A police officer stood guard inside a bunker after a grenade exploded in a market in Srinagar, India, Tuesday. Suspected militants carried out two grenade attacks on security force installations, injuring at least three paramilitary soldiers, police said. (Altaf Zargar/Zuma Press)

LUNCH BREAK: A vendor ate amid piles of stacked rice at a market in Hefei, Anhui Province, China, Tuesday. (Reuters)

PRESENT! European Parliament member Czeslaw Adam Siekierski attended a debate Tuesday in Strasbourg, France, regarding the economic crisis. (Vincent Kessler/Reuters)

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Two Red Deer stags ‘rut’ in the early morning mist in Richmond Park on October 15, 2011 in London, England. Autumn sees the start of the ‘Rutting’ season where the large Red Deer stags can be heard roaring and barking in an attempt to attract females known as bucks. The larger males can also be [...]

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