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The Danube River reached its highest level in 500 years. The Elbe, Rhine, and other rivers and tributaries are cresting high as well as swathes of central Europe lie inundated by floodwaters that have killed 12 and displaced tens of thousands. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic have been severely affected, as Hungary prepares for the swell of water. Gathered here are images of the flooding and people affected in the last several days. -- Lane Turner (40 photos total)
The river Rhine floods Mainz, Germany on June 2, 2013 (picture taken with an underwater camera). (Fredrik Von Erichsen/AFP/Getty Images)     

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We have a delicate and useful icon set for you, again. Dutch designers from Dutch Icon created a new set of 42 Pika-style vector icons, released with Smashing Magazine for the Web design community. The icons are available as PNG (in two sizes) and AI source files. The icons are released under a Creative Commons Attribution license.


You may be looking to brighten up your checkout page with a more original shopping cart icon or perhaps you’re designing a website from scratch that requires a shrimp icon. Either way, if your budget is limited and you need a wide array of different icons, this set of chunky pixel-perfect icon might be just what you need.

The icons are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. You are free to distribute, transform, fiddle with and build them into your work, even commercially. However, please always credit the original designer of the set (in this case, Dutch Icon).

Download The Set For Free!

You can use this icon set freely for commercial and personal projects. Please link to this release post if you want to spread the word.

Free Icon Set


The set contains 42 icons for various occasions. Each icon is available in two sizes: its original size, 60×60px and 30×30px. The Adobe Illustrator vector file is provided in the set as well. The icons included are:

  • Smartphone
  • Book
  • Light Bulb
  • Map
  • Watch
  • Navigation System
  • Trees
  • Banknote
  • Comment
  • Binocular
  • Laptop
  • Archive
  • Download
  • Upload
  • Delivery Van
  • Fax Machine
  • Tablet
  • Repeat
  • Dashboard
  • Like
  • Revenues
  • Silverware
  • Video Camera
  • Move
  • Fire
  • Shower
  • Checkmark
  • Delete
  • Folder
  • View
  • Calendar
  • Spaghetti
  • Shrimp
  • Global
  • Location
  • Computer Screen
  • Plug
  • Previous
  • Next
  • Eraser
  • Shopping Cart
  • Remove From Cart

Behind The Design

As always, here are some insights from the designer:

“Pretty Pika! A new chunky pixel-perfect and vector-perfect icon style has been born. She loves tiny integration, looks gorgeous on Retina displays and covers all major themes. And (very) soon to be a semantic symbol font. We wouldn’t want you to miss out and only hope you enjoy her as much as we do.

We are happy to provide designers and developers with an original and crafted icon design. Use visual language to make your graphic applications or identity design look sharp. “

— Dutch Icon

Thanks, Dutch Icon! We sincerely appreciate your time and efforts!


© Smashing Editorial for Smashing Magazine, 2012.

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Kir Esadov

The House That Kir Built

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This is not a reportage type project, although much of it was taken while I was doing reportage work.

You can rather name it a fairytale than a rough veracity of life, although, again, in the heart of any fairytale lays the truth.

Some of it appears as a proof of existence of marvelous events, some of it is just a digital modified shot that has nothing to do with serious documentary type of work. Ultimately, this was not a planned out unified series.

I feel that I can never do consistent photographic series. My goal is to create a massive and complete view of my tiny and immature inner anxiety. Very slowly, step by step, this micro world is forming from pieces, fragments, shards of the physical world.

The house that Jack built. The circus stage that Kir built.

In the course of the story I’d like to take the opportunity and say hello to my mother. Dear Ma, things are going pretty smoothly, though I look worse. Boris has developed metastases, intestines will be removed. Adah already has lost her breast, but do not worry, it is unnoticeable under her clothes and we have been promised to stew a new one soon, we just need to save up a little first.

Rustam has AIDS. Marta also doesn’t seem very well, but she is always a pain in the s. Neither of them wants to take their pills. Galya has spread her arms and is waiting for applause. A grave has spread its legs and is craving love. Music is starting.

Nevertheless, this story is not about social issues, this story is about the egocentrism of the author who creates some kind of refuge where it is possible to shelter, to forget, so that all our grudges, all our fears would not seem so significant.

A music is starting. A fever is rising. Strike the violin, touch the lute. To wake yourself and to hop into dense weekdays. To give blood for some tests and to leap into a magic world right away. We are invincible while we jump.



Kir Esadov was born in 1988 in Moscow to a circus family.

He received a B.A. in social pedagogy in 2008. After graduating, he worked at a special orphanage for children with severe speech disorders.

In 2011 he graduated from the Rodchenko’s Art School. He had three solo exhibitions in Russia and he also had several group exhibitions in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kiev, Zrenjanin, Belgrade.

He has participated at QueerFest 2011 in St. Petersburg and Fotofest 2012 in Houston. At the moment he works as freelance theatre photographer.

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Kir Esadov


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In today’s pictures, commuters take in art in Italy, a heavily tattooed Vladimir Franz gains enough signatures to run for Czech president, a boy greets his soldier dad in Colorado, and more.

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As a Birmingham-born London-based writer I know all about different cultural contexts (shut up, they’re VERY different) but my globetrotting pales into insignificance compared to Weng Nam. The Malaysian-born graphic designer now lives and works in The Hague but has also enjoyed stints in Prague and Barcelona. And just as my Brummie roots inform my work (!) Weng combines these various cultural influences with flair and restraint to create beautiful, interesting projects across a range of media. The highlight of his portfolio was this book of seemingly trivial and mundane occurrences in his life recorded during a particular week, but truth be told there’s little wasted time on his (needless to say excellently-designed) website.

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The 15th-century Wladislaw Hall in Prague, with its large double windows, is one of the earliest appearances of Renaissance forms in German lands. Yet what is most spectacular about the great hall (above) is what was then most passé: the rib-vaulting done in late Gothic style.

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