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Rooftop Racetrack: 1928 via Retronaut

“The Lingotto building, Turin, Italy, once housed a  Fiat factory. Built between 1916 and 1923, the design had five floors, raw materials going in at the ground floor, and cars built on a line that went up through the building. Finished cars emerged at rooftop level, where there was a rooftop test track. It was the largest car factory in the world at the time. Le Corbusier called it “one of the most impressive sights in industry”, and “a guideline for town planning”.”

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Simple and efficient, rail travel nonetheless inspires a sense of romance. By train, subway, and a seemingly endless variety of trams, trolleys, and coal shaft cars, we've moved on rails for hundreds of years. Industry too relies on the billions of tons of freight moved annually by rolling stock. Gathered here are images of rails in our lives, the third post in an occasional series on transport, following Automobiles and Pedal power. -- Lane Turner (47 photos total)
An employee adjusts a CRH380B high-speed Harmony bullet train as it stops for an examination during a test run at a bullet train exam and repair center in Shenyang, China on October 23, 2012. (Stringer/Reuters)     

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The Future belongs to the ones who will dare to invent it - Domenico Zungri at TEDxBologna

Seguici su Facebook Future (R)Evolution Domenico is an Experience Designer, specialized in the development of Immersive Simulations for educational, professional, and entertainment purposes. He earned a Master Degree in Digital Entertainment at the VRMMP (Virtual Reality & MultiMedia Park) of Turin, worked as Game Designer for Milestone srl in Milan, and specialized in Theme Park & Attraction Design with Steve Alcorn, CEO of Alcorn McBrIde inc. In 2011 he was awarded at the International Social Innovation Competition for a project about engaging 'at risk' kids through the Interactive Technologies of Video Games, and currently he collaborates with professor Alfonso Molina - Scientific Director of the Foundation "Mondo Digitale" - for the study and the prototipation of Immersive Serious Games aimed at the social inclusion of sensitive categories (children, elderlies, migrants, disabled). Domenico is the founder of Future Labs: a project of Technology Park dedicated to the Research, Development and Training on Immersive and Emergent Technologies, finalized to innovative processes of Social Design. The structure comprises an Experimental Center for Future Studies, an Immersive Theme Park with educational experiences for schools and families, a Residential Campus for Higher Education in the authorial professions of the field, and Production Studios for the development of immersive services and events. The project is highly focused on school education, and <b>...</b>

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Elena Perlino

A Sea of Light

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essay foreword by Machiel Botman

“Let’s call it the yellow photograph for now: a street sign with half an arrow, a woman touching the sign and looking at where the arrow points. Behind it all a yellow sea of light, a colored landscape, cityscape that is too good to be true.

(who-ever said that things must be true)

Elena Perlino’s photographs are not carefully constructed images, all have the sensation of immediacy, as if she is passing by all the time. One might call what she passes by ‘little moments’ that, had she not been there, would have stayed unnoticed. In a world where everything is constructed, reality and fantasy, these ‘little moments’ escape us often, and when someone shows them to us we might not accept them.
Some make it easy for us, Richard Avedon’s Boy and tree in Italy is one of these beautiful floating moments, but all the same boy and tree are carefully orchestrated in a pose that we know, that we have come to accept. Perlino’s photographs are made of different stuff and at first glance one might say she does not make it easy on us.

The woman in the yellow photograph seems to accept reality as it is, by looking into the obvious direction where the arrow points. Someone who knows about clothes might tell us the woman is upper-class and waiting for a taxi. That’s where the truth begins and ends and begins again.
To me this woman is an immigrant, coming from yellow country, waiting to be collected to go somewhere else, somewhere where all is supposed to be better, where the sun always shines. Yellow country is still very much part of her, that’s where she is rooted, that’s where she is leaving behind those she loves, those she hates. Yellow country still follows her and I am afraid it always will.

Photographs like this always make me wonder. Where does the photographer come from, where does she go? Is Elena from yellow country, collecting proof some people are leaving? Or is she a future girl, pulling in people with invisible threads?
Good photography, like good writing, or good cinema, leaves the viewer free to do as he wants and in that way Perlino’s images, perhaps one more than the other, do not make it hard on us at all.
She has paved wide roads for us to walk on, with lots of light and exotic colors, with the presence of people, she is a people girl. There are gas stations staring at us with big eyes that look like lights, there is a man about to touch the cigarette to rid it of too much ash, there is a nude woman showing a muscle behind her skin, there are ghosts in the street, shit. But apart from what there is, we are free to make our own context, to decide what it all means. Until not very long ago, this would freak out the sensible world because this maker fits in no box. I hope dearly that by now we can accept these images as strong and beautiful gifts that need no explanation, that just need a little imagination.

My only worry concerns the messenger, the photographer if you like. She appears to be a lonely soul, detached from then and there – I hope she accepts these gifts as means to stop now and then, to get out and touch.”



Elena Perlino (b.1972) grew up in Piedmont, Italy. She graduated with a degree in History and Cinema from the University of Turin and attended at Reflexions Masterclass in Paris. Since 2003 Elena has been working on human trafficking and migration in the Mediterranean area. She was selected as a Nominee for Magnum Emergency Fund 2011.

Elena Perlino is currently running a photography project about Nigerian trafficking on Kickstarter.


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Elena Perlino

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SNOWY IN SWITZERLAND: Snow covered a church, pictured from an aerial view, in Davos, Switzerland, Monday. The World Economic Forum opens Wednesday in the resort area. (Arnd Wiegmann/Reuters)

SOCCER SILHOUETTES: Youths played soccer on a beach in Bata, Equatorial Guinea, Sunday. Equatorial Guinea will co-host the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations soccer tournament with Gabon. (Ariel Schalit/Associated Press)

SMILING NEAR A SHIPWRECK: People smiled as they took a picture on a rock in front of the Costa Concordia Monday. The cruise ship rammed into a reef off Giglio, Italy, Jan. 13. Salvage experts plan to pump fuel from the shipwreck. At least 15 people died in the accident. (Tony Gentile/Reuters)

TRUCKS IN TURIN: A German truck driver shrugged as trucks were parked on a highway in Turin, Italy, Monday. Truckers blocked roads throughout Italy to protest an increase in gas prices, introduced as part of austerity measures. (Giorgio Perottino/Reuters)

IN SESSION: Salafi parliamentary members attended the opening of Egyptian Parliament—the first session held since the ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak—in Cairo Monday. (Asmaa Waguih/Reuters)

LUNAR NEW YEAR: A worshiper burned incense at the Lama Temple, one of China’s most renowned monasteries, on the first day of the Year of the Dragon in Beijing Monday. (Diego Azubel/European Pressphoto Agency)

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Riccardo MoncalvoCold Morning in the Suburbs of Turin, 1955

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SEAT WITH A VIEW: Central American migrants traveled on the roof of a train in Veracruz, Mexico, Monday. Masked gunmen on Friday stormed a northbound train and kidnapped at least 80 migrants presumably bound for the United States, a priest who runs a migrant shelter said Monday. (European Pressphoto Agency)

I DECLARE: Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R., Minn.), left, greeted Florence Redig, a longtime family friend, in Waterloo, Iowa, Monday before officially launching her White House bid. (Getty Images)

TRAIN CLASH: Italian police officers in riot gear clashed Monday in Chiomonte, Italy, with demonstrators protesting plans to build the Turin-Lyon high-speed train line and a tunnel in a valley, Val di Susa. (Associated Press)

TAKING A LOAD OFF: A man cooled off by a fountain in Seville Monday. Temperatures were high across Spain and France. (Cristina Quicler/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)

WORKERS TUSSLE: Temporary workers, left, acted on a court order to remove striking Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction workers from a vessel crane at the company’s Busan, Korea, shipyards Monday. The workers had been holding a sit-in against the company’s mass dismissal. (Lee Jae-Won/Reuters)

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