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In today’s pictures, a horse dons headwear in a stable in England, policemen confront a government employee in India, tourists ride a boat through tunnels in Taiwan, and more.

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Windsor. has the appeal of what James Blake or John Talabot bring to the table but has hints of Berlin’s slower techno charm and has this catchy vocal loop I can’t stop listening to once it settles in.

Chillwave died off as a genre name maybe but it was a good thing, it got rid of the trendy bashing and now the music can live under different names or better yet hybrids of future ideas and even better than that let the music be what it was originally just slow catchy pop, D I A N A just drops one of the best summer tracks i’ve heard all year and i’m just sitting here amazed.

You want the highest quality of Yacht Rock Balearic Nu Disco that will put your dad’s Alan Parson’s LPs to shame? then watch out for and collect all the Windsurf releases.

With a heavier dose of Arp, here’s something to drop in the laps of Drive Soundtrack fans that will stomp that soundtracks head in, pure delight from Marbeya Sound.

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The best photos of 2011 from around the globe. Warning: All images in this entry are shown in full, not screened out for graphic content. Some images contain dead bodies, graphic content and tragic events. We consider these images an important part of human history.

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Billy Stinson (L) comforts his daughter Erin Stinson as they sit on the steps where their cottage once stood August 28, 2011 in Nags Head, North Carolina. The cottage, built in 1903 and destroyed yesterday by Hurricane Irene, was one of the first vacation cottages built on Albemarle Sound in Nags Head. Stinson has owned the home, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, since 1963. “We were pretending, just for a moment, that the cottage was still behind us and we were just sitting there watching the sunset,” said Erin afterward.

Hurricane Irene moved along the east coast causing heavy flooding damage as far north as Vermont and shutting down the entire New York mass transit system.

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The Hand of Miles Davis

Georgia O'Keeffe, Gypsy Rose Lee

Ballet Society, 1948

Truman Capote, Spencer Tracy

Joe Louis

Duchess of Windsor, Mrs. William Rhinelander Stewart

Marlene Dietrich

Igor Stravinsky, Marcel Duchamp

Jean Cocteau

Al Pacino

John F. Kennedy

Ingmar Bergman

Truman Capote

Louise Bourgeois

Kate Moss

Simone de Beauvoir

Amber Valletta

Ingmar Bergman

Audrey Hepburn

Alfred Hitchcock

Giorgio de Chirico

Dorian Leigh and Maurice Tillet

Maurice Tillet

Eugene Ionesco

Marlene Dietrich

Jacob and Gwen Lawrence

Rudolf Nureyev

Raymone and Blaise Cendrars

Doug, Hells Angels (San Francisco), 1967

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HORSE FOR RENT: A horse with a cellphone number painted on it was left on the side of a road on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan, Tuesday. The horse is rented out. (Muhammed Muheisen/Associated Press)

SKULL AND BONES: A worker was silhouetted near skulls and bones in an ossuary under St. James Church in Brno, Czech Republic, Tuesday. (Radek Mica/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)

LITTLE VADER: A Darth Vader actor waited for tourists who want to be photographed with him in front of the Brandenburg Gate during a thunderstorm in Berlin Tuesday. (Michael Sohn/Associated Press)

AT THE RACES; A woman wore an elaborate hat at the annual Royal Ascot horse race near Windsor, England, Tuesday. (Carl de Souza/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)

OLD GLORY: A man held a U.S. flag before the arrival of President Barack Obama in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Tuesday. President Obama arrived to cheers on the first official visit by a U.S. president in 50 years. He is courting the Hispanic vote in the 2012 election. (Ramon Espinosa/Associated Press)

BY THE SEA: Women bathed in the Irish Sea in Blackpool, England, Tuesday. (Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

ROW YOUR BOAT: A fisherman rowed on Honghu Lake in Honghu, Hubei Province, China, Tuesday. Recent heavy rains refilled the lake. (Hao Tonqian/Xinhua/Zuma Press)

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