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Events celebrating and protesting LGBT rights took place in many parts of the world in the last several months. Pride parades were met with violence or intimidation in Russia, Georgia, and Albania while other places saw wild street parties. Three million people celebrated on the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil, often considered the biggest Pride event in the world. Activists in Uganda and Chile sought to change laws, while in the United States Barack Obama became the first American president to endorse same-sex marriage. Gathered here are pictures from events related to gay rights issues, LGBT Pride celebrations, and the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. -- Lane Turner (39 photos total)
Mark Wilson carries a rainbow flag during San Francisco's 42nd annual gay pride parade on June 24, 2012. Organizers said more than 200 floats, vehicles and groups of marchers took part in the parade. (Noah Berger/Associated Press)

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Around the world, the LGBT community celebrates in environments ranging from welcoming to tolerant to violently hostile. Many cities stage gay pride parades on or around June 28, the anniversary of New York's Stonewall Inn uprising in 1969 -- what many consider the beginning of the gay rights movement. New York enjoyed its parade this year on June 26, a celebration given added spirit with the legalization of gay marriage in New York state two days earlier. Some communities in the world still meet with resistance, with activists assaulted and arrested in Russian cities, and an Indian health minister describing homosexuality as a "disease" three days after the New Delhi pride parade on July 2. Collected here are photographs of people celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered pride around the world.

The Big Picture offers special thanks to Charles Meacham for making his photographs available. -- Lane Turner (43 photos total)

People take part in the gay pride parade on Istiklal Avenue in Istanbul on June 26, 2011. (Mustafa Ozer/AFP/Getty Images)

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Pokhara, Nepal, 1985

Jaipur, India, 1982

Sylhet, Bangladesh, 1983

Goa, India, 1983

10:30am, September 11, NY, USA, 2001

Times Square, New York, USA, 1994

Rome, Italy, 1984

Myanmar (Burma), 2011

Zagreb, Croatia, 1989

Marseille, France, 1988

Mumbai, India, 1996

Angkor Thom, Cambodia, 1998

Myanmar (Burma), 1994

Peshawar, Pakistan, 2002

Pul i Khumri, Afghanistan, 2002

Christy Turlington, 2004

Germany, 1990

September 11, NY, USA, 2001

September 11, NY, USA, 2001

Kabul, Afghanistan, 1992

Lhasa, Tibet, 2000

Timbuktu, Mali, 1987

Sharbat Gula, Afghan Girl, Pakistan, 1984

Sulu Sea, Philippinese, 1985

Robert De Niro in his Tribeca screening room

Madonna di Campiglio, Trento, Italy, 2010

Thailand, 2011

Flower Seller, Dal Lake, Kashmir, 1996

Texas, USA, 2006

Texas, USA, 2006

Hajja, Yemen, 1999

Yugoslavia, 1989

Kabul, Afghanistan, 2002

Srinagar, Kashmir, 1999

Afghanistan, 1991

Dire, Mali, 1986

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA, 2000

Maimana, Afghanistan, 2003

Kandze, Tibet, 2001

Washington Square Park, NYC, 2010

Delhi, India, 1983

Niger, 1986

Niger, 1986

Kabul, Afghanistan, 2002

The Sahel, Chad, 1986

Rajastan, India, 1997

France, 1988

Shanghai, China, 1989

Kayan women with neck rings, Myanmar(Burma), 1994

Morocco, 1988

Pashu Patianath, Kathmandu, Nepal, 1984

Paraguay, 1986

Sri Lanka, 1995

Tonle Sap, Cambodia, 1998

Sri Lanka, 2004

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Wolf Smoke is a small animation studio from the Peoples Republic of China. A kick-ass sample film, Kung Fu Cooking Girls, has just been posted on You Tube with this message:

“We did key frames on paper first then used vector software to do the between frames and color painting. This is the first time that we use this way to do stuff. Over 4000 key frames hand drawing and over 10,000 inbetweens in this movie.”

The studio posted three other shorts – and all are worth a look:

Mountain Shu: The Warriors From The Magic Mountain

“We did this three years ago. It’s an original short sample for a TV movie. But for some reason, it’s did not become a movie in the end. So we post it out just as our work sample.”

Little Big War:

And an attempt at humor – Full of Cats by Jin Roh

(Thanks, Rajesh Bhavnani)

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