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China’s communist leaders are promising to revolutionize the world’s second largest economy and move on from being the world’s workshop. Unlike most communist governments, China’s one-party state has survived by embracing capitalism to deliver new wealth. Chinese officials recently reported they would reach their target for annual economic growth of 7.5 percent this year despite [...]

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People, governments, companies, and organizations observed Earth Hour 2011 as 134 countries switched off lights worldwide Saturday, March 26, at 8:30 p.m. The movement to raise awareness about energy consumption took on added relevance with a Japanese nuclear power station crippled after the earthquake and resulting tsunami there. Gathered here are a series of before-and-after photographs from this year - which (starting with the second one below) will fade between "on" and "off" when clicked. [See also: last year] This effect requires javascript to be enabled. -- Lane Turner (15 photos total)
An Indian family hold candles during an Earth Hour campaign in Mumbai on March 26, 2011. (Sajjad Hussain/AFP/Getty Images)

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Third PJ Links edition from Brighton…. Apologies if my updates have been a bit more infrequent than usual during the last two weeks…I’ve just had too much going on with the move from Wales and settling down again…

I loved Michael Nichols’ Redwoods work that I saw exhibited in Perpignan as seen here in a photo by yours truly, which hopefully doesn’t do great injustice to Nichols’ work…

Anyway, the reason I put the photo here is that the people at Canon Professional Network did an interview with Nichols about the work…

Interviews - Michael Nichols (National Geographic) on photographing Redwoods (CPN: September 2010)

Another 9/11 anniversary… the ninth… came and went….but I just saw this Shaul Schwartz feature on TIME website of the anniversary at Ground Zero…

Features and Essays – Shaul Schwartz: Tensions Rise Near Ground Zero on the 9/11 Anniversary (TIME: September 2010)

Dark days… This is a great piece…

Features and Essays - Teun Voeten: Tunnel People (Panos Pictures: September 2010) New York’s tunnel people

Really enjoyed these Roberts’ election photos… I just wish Telegraph would have shown them bigger on their website… they are 5×4 after all….

Features and Essays – Simon Roberts: A Snap Election (Telegraph: September 2010)

Articles – Telegraph: Simon Roberts: the official election photos (Telegraph: September 2010)

Tyler Hicks from Pakistan…

Features and Essays – Tyler Hicks: The Swat Valley, After the Flood (NYT: September 2010) Pakistan

Features and Essays – Gilles Sabrie: Celebrating Id al-Fitr Under Watchful Eyes of China (NYT: September 2010) Kashgar, China

Awards - HSBC Photo Prize returns with €5000 cash reward (BJP: September 2010) Deadline 30 November 2010

I posted several links related to Alixandra Fazzina on Sunday and  I was amazed to learn that I actually missed at least three good ones…

Features and Essays – Alixandra Fazzina: an instrument of advocacy (Telegraph: September 2010)

Interviews - Alixandra Fazzina: Witness to the devastation (Telegraph: September 2010)

Interviews - Alixandra Fazzina : Ramadan during the Pakistan floods  (Oxfam: September 2010)

Articles - NYT: Civil Rights Photographer Unmasked as Informer (NYT: September 2010)

Photo Voice is organising a great sounding lecture series in London this autumn, some of which I’m very much hoping to attend… especially the one by Anastasia Taylor-Lind on 2 December..

Talks - BJP: New PhotoVoice lectures focus on women photographers (BJP: September 2010) Info on the Photo Voice website

Interviews – Foto8: Visa Pour L’Image 2010 interviews (Foto8: September 2010)

Interviews - Olivier Laban-Mattei (BJP: September 2010)

InterviewsMartin Parr : My Media (Guardian: September 2010)

Interviews - Jodi Bieber (Design Indaba: September 2010)

Blogs - Steve McCurry: The Power of Two (Photographer’s blog: September 2010)

My friend Conor O’Leary pointed out this Richard Mosse interview on Milky Blacks blog…

Interviews - Richard Mosse (Milky Blacks blog: 2010)

Conor has some new work, titled Entrance, on his website here.

PhotographersCarlotta Maitland Smith

Photographers - Andrea Bruce has a PhotoShelter archive that I didn’t know about before

Agencies - GRNLive : “correspondents bringing you global news now”

Twitter - Enarro Collective

TwitterJoni Karanka

…And as an end note to today’s post… I noticed that Photojournalism Links just passed 400k all time views…. Thank you for visiting!

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“If you are interested in mass communication, then you have to stop thinking of yourself as a photographer. We live in a post-photographic world. If you are interested in photography, then you are interested in something — in terms of mass communication — that is past. I am interested in reaching as many people as possible.” – Tim Hetherington

Interviews - Tim Hetherington (NYT Lens: June 2010)

Features and Essays - Tomas Van Houtryve: The Alien Beauty of Socotra (TIME: June 2010) An island off Yemen is home to 100s of plants found nowhere else

Features and Essays – Seamus Murphy: My Fair Lady (VII Network: June 2010) Royal Ascot is one of the world’s most famous race meetings

Features and Essays – Zack Canepari: Borderland (Panos Pictures: June 2010)

Features and Essays - Andrew McConnell: The Last Colony (Panos Pictures: June 2010)

AwardsJérôme Sessini and Matt Eich Win F Awards (PDN Edu: June 2010)

AwardsTerry O’Neill Award calling for entries (BJP: June 2010) Award website : Deadline 22 October 2010

Articles – BJP: Vanessa Winship receives top PhotoEspaña prize (BJP: June 2010)

Interviews - Sally Mann (Guardian: May 2010) slideshow

InterviewsStephen Crowley (NYT Lens: June 2010)

Features and Essays – Lucie and Simon: Scenes of Life (LensCulture: June 2010) A new exhibition at Galerie Baudoin Lebon in Paris showcases the work of young Franco-German photographers Lucie and Simon, who were recently awarded the2010 HSBC Prix pour la Photographie

Tutorials - PhotoShelter: Steal These Marketing Ideas (PhotoShelter: June 2010)

Features and Essays – Danny Ghitis: Polish President Elections (Photographer’s PhotoShelter: June 2010)

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