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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

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A studio made up of five ex-Sony developers has explained why it left the comfort of PlayStation development to go indie.

Hutch Games includes technical director Sean Turner, managing director Sean Rutland and art director Will Whitaker, all of which worked at Sony's London studio on a raft of projects, including the cancelled Eight Days, The Getaway and EyeToy.

But in June 2011 they joined forces to strike out on their own, opened a small office in Old Street, London, and started work on what would eventually become a new iOS game.


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Sony's PS Vita, the new handheld that follows in the wake of the long-serving PSP, is the company's most developer-friendly console to date according to engineers from its research and development teams.

"We've never had tools at such an advanced state before the launch of a new platform," said Neil Brown, senior engineer at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's R&D division said at today's Develop conference in Brighton.

"It's our most developer friendly console, and by quite some margin."


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