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The Saturn had a plethora of original Sega titles such as the epoch defining Panzer Dragoon. This PS2 version includes the original Saturn game along with an updated hi-res version along with some bonus extras of artwork and cut sequences in the Pandoras Box - which as the name suggests requires opening. The stirring orchestral score sounds splendid on the PS2 and gameplay is just a refreshing as the Dragoon swoops through beautifully textured valleys, skirting the ravine edge. Whilst gameplay is on the rails the 360 degree firing range makes it feel unrestricted as you fly against hordes of critters to drop them from the sky. The controls remain faithful with the ability to scan around checking for sneaky assailants. Jaw dropping visuals and a story whose threads gently wrap around you before you realise you are cocooned in it. Saturn veterans will lap this up and hopefully the uninitiated will see whats got everyone in a flap.

A fine review of Sega's inspired flight of fancy...

Publisher: Sega
Game Type: Shoot Em Up

Console: PS2

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Star Soldier

Title : Star Soldier
Publisher : Hudson
Game Type : Shoot Em Up
Console : PSP

Price : £19.99

First shoot 'em up release on the system and what a way to start the party with this update of the timeless PC Engine series that actually has more in common with the GameCube and PS2 cracker. Still the timed high score challenge is kept in there with its roots in the PC Engine Caravan contest. Speed of hand eye co-ordination is the key to clocking up a big score as bonuses are awarded for rapid destruction of incoming waves of enemy ships. The code has been optimized to fit the PSP's dimensions with the console being held vertically suiting the genre perfectly. And ergonomically it works like a dream too. Additional ships have been constructed and its now autofire so you don't have to worry about being able to see whilst frantically hammering the fire button. A very nice shooter, another medal to the Hudson lapel.

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