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North Korea

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New updates two days in a row…rarity these days…First, some new features from Panos Pictures…

Features and Essays - William Daniels: TB Behind Bars (Panos Pictures: October 2010) Kyrgyzstan

Features and Essays – Robin Hammond: The Prize of Gold (Panos Pictures: October 2010) Zimbabwe

Features and Essays - Chris de Bode: Eyes Wide Shut (Panos Pictures: October 2010) Somalis

Features and Essays – Piotr Malecki: The Local (Panos Pictures: October 2010)

This is not that new work, but one of the new updates on the Panos site…

Features and Essays - GMB Akash: Nothing to Hold On To (Panos Pictures: October 2010)

Just saw Ashley Gilbertson tweet he has some work in this week’s New York Times Magazine….Some of the photos online at already….

Features and Essays – Ashley Gilbertson: Inside the West Wing (NYT: October 2010)

Matt Eich interviewed in  NYT Lens Turning Point series

Interviews - Matt Eich (NYT Lens: October 2010)

Agencies – NOOR Images October 2010 newsletter

Features and Essays - Ron Haviv: Invisible Lines: Death in Juarez (VII: October 2010)

Features and Essays - Dan Chung: North Korea parade marks 65 years of reclusive state’s rule (Guardian: October 2010) The Guardian’s Dan Chung covers North Korea’s lavish military parade

Features and Essays – John Stanmeyer: Amazon Ablaze (VII Magazine: 2010)

New Reportage by Getty Images Emerging Talent…their portfolios…

Julia Rendleman

Bryan Anselm

BlogsGreater Middle East Photo

Photographers - Helen Twomey

Articles – Globe and Mail: Film vs. digital, handling cold, and more: Your photo questions answered (Globe and Mail: October 2010)

Articles - Guardian: Edward Burtynsky: Deepwater Horizon from the air (Guardian: 2010)

InterviewsTim Hetherington (BBC: October 2010)

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Wow, it’s been over three days since last updates….This would have never happened in the old days, but my personal work has finally picked up, getting assignments that is, and I just haven’t had the same amount of time to spend on the blog as before. I’ve still been gathering links pretty much as normal though, so have loads to share…Here we go…

A lot of talk about the new Larry Clark (@punkpicasso) show in Paris…

Articles - Guardian: Too hot to handle? Larry Clark’s controversial photographs (Guardian: October 2010) “Some regard him as a brilliant artist who flirts with the boundaries of acceptability; others as a creepy voyeur. But, according to the Mayor of Paris, Larry Clark’s photographs are not suitable for children. Because of the explicit nature of some of his images, city hall has decided to ban under-18s from a new retrospective – despite the fact that many of them are decades old, and even though this hands Clark the publicity coup of a lifetime. Fair cop or heavy-handed? You decide …”

Alixandra Fazzina finally received her Nansen Refugee Award….

Articles British Photo Journalist Alixandra Fazzina Awarded in Geneva (NRC: October 2010)

Interviews - Alixandra Fazzina (YouTube: 2010)

Features and Essays - Mimi Mollica: Senegals Changing Urban Landscape (NYT Lens: October 2010)

PhotographersMimi Mollica

North Korea having been in the news a lot regarding Kim Jong-il and his chosen successor, his son Kim Jong-un…what a better place to recap on the country’s contemporary situation than by heading  to Lens Culture and Tomas van Houtryve’s North Korea work…

Features and Essays – Tomas van Houtryve: North Korea (Lens Culture: October 2010)

More on the Dead or Alive…

Articles - David Campbell: Dead or Alive? The State of Photojournalism (David Campbell: October 2010)

Justin Maxon was featured on the NYT Lens Turning Point series a couple of days ago…

InterviewsJustin Maxon (NYT Lens: October 2010)

I saw a great talk Wednesday night in Brighton by @simoncroberts about The Election Project. Do visit the exhibition at Btighton Photo Fringe if you are town at any point…

Simon talking about the project in this YouTube video…

Interviews - Simon Roberts (YouTube: 2010)

Tutorials - Grantseeking advice (Foundation Center)

Blogs - Reuters: Behind the glass: The secret of the remote camera (Reuters: October 2010)

Saw this on Twitter earlier… It’s from 2008, but makes interesting reading..

Articles – Brian Ach: So, You Want To Be A Wire Service Photographer? (JPG Magazine: 2008)

I met Laurence in Perpignan…

Photographers - Laurence Buter-Roch

Articles – Guardian: Photographer Uta Kögelsberger’s best shot (Guardian: October 2010)


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Just found out this morning that Christopher Anderson has a website!

Photographers - Christopher Anderson

Well deserved Emmy for New York Times’ One in 8 Million series… I loved to see it every week…

Articles – NYT: One in 8 Million Wins an Emmy (NYT Lens: September 2010)

Features and Essays - Sanjit Das: IDs for India (WSJ: September 2010) India hopes to assign its 1.2 billion people a unique 12-digit ID number

Features and Essays - Jason Andrew: Tea Party Express (Reportage by Getty Images: September 2010)

Features and Essays – Alexander Shields and William Eckersley: US 80: A Photographic Road Trip (Telegraph: September 2010)

Features and Essays - Adam Dean: The Red Games (Panos Pictures: September 2010) China

Andy Spyra’s Bosnia series now on Reportage by Getty Images…

Features and Essays - Andy Spyra: Fifteen Years After the Bosnian War (Reportage by Getty Images: September 2010)

I went to Brighton’s old Co-Op on Tuesday briefly, as Veronica was helping out to prepare the place for Brighton Photo Biennial… the place looked still like a mess…but I hope they get it done by Friday…

InterviewsMartin Parr : Q&A: Martin Parr on Brighton Photo Biennial (BJP: September 2010)

EventsMagnum Photos to offer professional guidance : Magnum Photos is organising a two-day event aimed at providing professional guidance to the “next generation of photographers,” with a particular emphasis on book publishing, stock sales, social networking and commercial photography (BJP: September 2010)

Tim Hetherington on MSNBC’s Morning Joe talking about Restrepo and Infidel…

InterviewsTim Hetherington (MSNBC Morning Joe: September 2010)

More on the Morel-AFP-Visa saga…

Articles – Duckrabbit: Is Getty wearing Leroy’s trousers? (Duckrabbit: September 2010)

Mustafah Abdulaziz in NYT Lens Turning Point series…

Interviews - Mustafah Abdulaziz (NYT Lens: September 2010)

Blogs – Guardian Eyewitness: Irina Kalashnikova: Another side of North Korea (Guardian: September 2010)

PhotographersAga Luczakowska

Articles - Verve Photo: Lars Lindqvist (Verve: September 2010)

You fancy being interviewed for e-photoreview?

Go here… e-photoreview submissions

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Features and Essays - Magnum Photos: Where Artists and Writers Live and Work (Slate: August 2010)

Features and Essays - New Yorker Photo Booth: The Road Back to New Orleans (work by Stanley Greene and Kadir van Lohuizen) (New Yorker: August 2010)

Features and Essays - Irina Kalashnikova: North Korea (Reportage by Getty Images: August 2010) Kalashnikova’s website

Features and Essays – NYT Magazine: Documenting the Life of 20-Somethings (NYT Mag: August 2010) 13 young photographers document their generation using iPhones

Features and Essays – Stefano di Luigi: Kenya Drought (VII Magazine August 2010)

Features and Essays - Ian Teh: Dark Clouds [multimedia] (Panos Pictures: August 2010) China

Features and Essays – Robin Hammond: As I See It (Panos Pictures: August 2010)

Features and Essays – Tomas Munita: A Workers’ Revolt Endures in Peru (NYT: August 2010)

Features and Essays - Gareth Phillips: Rogue Tailor Needles Savile Row, Gets Himself a (Law)Suit (WSJ: August 2010)

Features and Essays - Joseph Rodriguez: Personal Violence (Visura: August 2010)

Agencies – Stockland Martel : website : blog

Interviews and TalksEd Kashi : A Photographer’s Journey Near and Far ( August 2010)

Interviews - Charlie Mahoney (BJP: August 2010)

InterviewsRobert Caplin (NYT Lens: August 2010)

InterviewsSteve Peck -Picture Editor, Wired Magazine (Professional Photographer: 2010)

InterviewsJames Mullinger – Photo Editor, GQ Magazine (Professional Photographer: 2010)

Photographers - Benjamin Rasmussen

PhotographersNatalie Behring

PhotographersLuca Tronci

PhotographersLuca Sola

PhotographersCharlotte Kesl

TwitterJason Andrew

Awards - Magnum Expression Award : Deadline August 31 2010

Awards - BJP International Photography : September 30 2010

AwardsTerry O’Neill Award : Deadline October 22 2010

Time for a little rant…

Photo: Daniel Berehulak / Getty Images

There have been a lot of complaints that the international community’s response to the devastating Pakistan floods has been inadequate. It got me thinking of the response and reaction of the Western photojournalism community, more specifically from publishers and photographers. Of course the initial death toll caused by the Pakistan floods is nothing compared to the Haiti earthquake, but its repercussions are in a sense bigger, with 6 million people in desperate need of emergency aid according to the UN. Now I remember, as I’m sure everyone does, how photographers  - both media and self- assigned – rushed to Haiti to cover the earthquake aftermath, but I haven’t seen anything even remotely close to that kind of reaction and response as a result of the Pakistan floods. I wonder why that might be?  After the Haiti earthquake struck, TIME magazine immediately sent two photographers there, Shaul Schwarz and Timothy Fadek, whose work was shown prominently  in a daily updated photo gallery on the magazine’s website, and a week into the aftermath they also dispatched James Nachtwey. I just had a look at TIME’s photo essays page on their website, and there is only one single Pakistan floods gallery, published on August 2, which is made up of photographs taken by EPA, AP, Reuters, and Getty Images photographers. And New York Times, who sent several of their own staffers, including Damon Winter,  and regular freelancers to Haiti, has opted not to send anyone of their own to Pakistan, instead publishing several photo galleries (here, here, and here) made up entirely of wire photographs. So there are photographers on the ground and of course NYT has to be congratulated for publishing some of the work, but I would argue that if a newspaper or a magazine is committed to seriously covering an issue, like both TIME and NYT did in Haiti, they will assign their own photographers. And I would argue that one can potentially receive a more comprehensive view of a catastrophic situation such as the Pakistan floods, at least photographically, by looking at larger bodies of work each done by single observers. I tend to overlook those photo galleries made up of several photographers’ work, those ‘wire galleries’ as I call them, no matter how good the work in them might be – as in the case of Getty’s Daniel Berehulak whose always terrific photos can be seen as part of the only TIME Pakistan floods gallery – and preferring to see work comprising a singular vision such as Alixandra Fazzina’s flood photos on NOOR website. I just hope there were more photographers out there in Pakistan doing this kind of in-depth work. You’d expect so, as you’d expect the aid dollars piling up, considering the magnitude of the natural catastrophe…

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I’m in awe for this work. Not only for the photos, which are amazing, but also for the story behind making them…

Features and Essays – Tomas van Houtryve: North Korea: Secrets and Lies (VII Network: July 2010)

Features and Essays – Marco Di Lauro: Niger Food Crisis (Reportage by Getty Images: July 2010) To donate to UNICEF, visit

Features and Essays – Philip Blenkinsop: The Ark (NOOR: 2010) Philip Blenkinsop went to Bangladesh for the quarterly ‘Dispatches’ in February and March of 2009.

Features and Essays – Damon Winter: Park vs. Park (NYT: July 2010) Which is better: Central Park or Prospect Park?

Features and Essays – Kuni Takahashi: Training Soldiers in Pakistan (NYT: July 2010)

Features and Essays – Matt Lutton: Unending Divisions of the Bosnian War (NYT Lens: July 2010)

Videos – Ed Kashi: Three (VII: July 2010) An adaption from his book Three

Videos - Ed Kashi: Curse of the Black Gold (VII: July 2010)

Interviews - Ed Kashi (ABC News: 2010)

InterviewsDoug Pensinger : “We want to capture every moment of the game” (BJP: July 2010) “Doug Pensinger is one of the 39 photographers Getty Images sent to South Africa to cover the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Ahead of the Spain-Holland final, he answered our questions about being on the side of the pitch for the world’s most watched sporting event”

TwitterCanon Camera

TwitterLeica Rumours

Photographers - Bob Sacha

PhotographersAndrew L Moore

Interviews - Andrew L Moore : Detroit Disassembled (Western Reserve Public Media)

Interviews and Talks – CBC: The Aftermath Project (CBC: July 2010) “Hour One: The Aftermath Project – Have you ever wondered what happens when the war has ended, the crisis has passed and the story disappears from your newspaper, radio or TV? Prying reporters may have taken their notebooks and microphones and cameras and moved on – but the story doesn’t just end. This week you’ll hear from two photojournalists who have taken on a challenging assignment – to cover the forgotten stories, the stories major news organizations no longer have time and space or money for. It’s called ‘The Aftermath Project’ – dedicated to telling the other half of the story”

Not really much of an article this Vogue piece, but a good excuse to put a tiny Salgado photo here…

Exhibitions – Vogue Italy: Engaged Observers at the Getty Museum (Vogue Italy: 2010)

Articles - Robert Benson: Why Video Won’t Replace Stills (Robert Benson blog: July 2010)

Articles - Reuters blog: SA Photographer Siphiwe Sibeko looks back at World Cup (Reuters: July 2010) (via @corinne_perkins )

I have to admit something…. I kinda dislike this feature:

Features and Essays – Jocelyn Bain Hogg: World Cup in a Small Room (VII Magazine: 2010)

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Features and Essays - James Nachtwey: Mandela’s Children (National Geographic Magazine: June 2010) South Africa is a vibrant, multiethnic democracy striving, with mixed success, to fulfill its promise.

Features and Essays - Peter Essick: Viking Weather—The Changing Face of Greenland (NGM: June 2010) As Greenland returns to the warm climate that allowed Vikings to colonize it in the Middle Ages, its isolated and dependent people dream of greener fields and pastures—and also of oil from ice-free waters.

Features and Essays – Liu Yuan: Rare Visions of Rural North Korea (TIME: June 2010)

Features and Essays - Martine Franck: Pictures Within Pictures (NYT Lens: June 2010)

multiMediaRearviewmirror : Italy

Articles – PhotoShelter: Top 10 Ways To Piss-off a Photographer (PhotoShelter: June 2010)

TwitterOpen Society Jobs

Books - Stefano di Luigi: Blanco (Trolley Books: 2010) New Yorker Photo Booth on Blanco | Vision2020 on Blanco

Features and Essays – Stefano di Luigi: Blanco (VII Magazine: 2010)

InterviewsDavid Bailey (BJP: June 2010)

Interviews - Peter Dench (BJP: June 2010)

Features and Essays – Kate Elliott: A Modern Bohemian (Visura Magazine Spotlight: June

Articles – Christy Lange: Shooting Gallery (APS: June 2010) The limitations of photojournalism and the ethics of artistic representation

Features and Essays – Joao Pina: On the Hunt for the Next Gisele (NYT: June 2010) More than half of Brazil’s models are found around Rio Grande do Sul

CollectivesMJR Weekly 69

Awards - Px3 winners

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Articles – Guardian – Photographer Larry Clark’s best shot (Guardian: May 2010)

Articles - Verve Photo: Michael Kamber (Verve: May 2010)

Blogs - Leica Camera

Exhibitions - Tate Modern Exposes Photo Voyerism (BJP: May 2010) Tate Modern in display of voyeurism for photography curator’s debut (Guardian: May 2010)

Features and Essays – Sergio Ramazzotti: North Korea – Inside the Utopia (Parallelozero: 2010)

Features and Essays – Gratiane de Moustier: Aging at Home: The Story of Odile (Telegraph: 2010)

Exhibitions iN-PUBLiC 10th anniversary show : Photofusion in Brixton : London (in-Public)

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