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The BAFTA award

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The BAFTA award-winning Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is now open for pre-order on Steam for 25% off. Those who want to take advantage of the deal have before April 17, when the game becomes available. The spaceship-flying metroidvania title comes with all the DLC content that trickled out for XBLA.

Michel Gagne's blog shares some details about the upcoming PC release and existing XBLA title. Along with the PC release, the Xbox LIVE Arcade version will be discounted to 800 MS points. The Shadow Hunters Game Add-On will continue to be available for 400 MS points. This puts the complete experience at 1200 MS points, or $14.99, as it will be priced on Steam.

While waiting for your PC pre-order to be filled, check out this interview, where the developers talk about the differences between the movie and games industries.

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