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The cart shown with formatted CCK Attributes

I got a lots of requests from community, my colleagues and myself, about an auto-generated Attribute options for Übercart 2.x.

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View settings

The Views Dynamic Fields module provides a filter for use with Views module. This filter allows the user to pick and choose which fields to display for a rendered instance of a view for that user. This provides a customized view instance for each user.

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Privatemsg advanced

The PM adv module extends the Privatemsg core module.

What exactly makes Privatemsg advanced?

Please read the FAQ in the documentation.

Additional modules

This module also contains the module Privatemsg advanced views.

The PM adv views module extends the Privatemsg core module with extra views functionality.


The PM adv module: Privatemsg
The PM adv views module: Privatemsg, Views

If used version 2 of the Privatemsg core module must be enabled its submodule Block user messages.


The PM adv module cooperates with the modules


From the date on which the Privatemsg module realizes the functionalities of PM adv and PM adv views, is not necessarily this project.

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This module creates a 'superuser' role, and grants all permissions to that role. It also defines a new permission, 'administer software updates', which allows any user with the superuser role to run update.php without having to alter the $access_check (D5) or $update_free_access (D6) variables.

This module requires the Permissions API module.


This module also disables the user 1 account. The security benefit is that this greatly reduces the attack surface for privilege escalation attacks on the user 1 account.


Developed and maintained by Erich Beyrent.


  • Drupal 5
  • Drupal 6
  • Drupal 7
    • This functionality is native to Drupal 7, and there are no plans to port this module to that version.
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Screenshot of new Lite pager option in Views

The Views Litepager module solves a problem of scalability for sites with large amounts of content. Drupal's core pagination system creates a pager navigation that shows exactly how many pages of content exist for the content list. This requires that a COUNT query be executed based on the query used to generate the list.

While COUNT queries are blazingly fast on tables with MySQL's MyISAM engine, they are painfully slow when using InnoDB tables which is the recommended engine type for high traffic Drupal sites. The COUNT queries quickly degrade the more rows a table has.

The Views Litepager module solves this problem for Views pagination by providing a pager option that does not require a COUNT query to be executed. This "Lite" pager is only slightly less useful than Drupal's core pager in that it does not allow you to navigate to the "last" page and does not show how many total pages of content there are. But for large sites, this small cost in features is worth the boost in performance by ridding your pages of the painfully slow (and sometimes crippling) COUNT queries.

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Example of a node form/page with a tree-enabled text field.

Allows multi-value fields to be stored and displayed as hierarchical trees. Basically any Field API field can be transformed into a tree.






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Arrange Fields screenshot 1

This module lets you drag-and-drop the fields of any CCK content type into the positions you would like for editing. This makes it super simple to have forms with inline fields, which you can change at any point. Tab indexing is also updated, so no matter how you arrange the fields, the users can still tab through them easily.


  • Drag and drop fields into any arrangement you want. Makes web-forms look more like pen-and-paper forms.
  • Resize textfields and textareas by dragging.
  • Edit CCK configurations for each field (required, help text, allowed values, etc) in a popup without having to leave the page.

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Views Infinite Scroll provides a #586668: Pluggable pagers that enables views infinite scrolling ( autopaging, depaging, endless pages name it) by using jquery.autopager plugin. using this module with views page display will load another page whenever the user reaches bottom of the page.


Important notes

  • This module is not compatible with Views Ajax support.


  • The module provides somehow similar features to Views Infinite Scroll, although, it overrides views mini pager's theme, preprocessing and ajax behavior. If you are not willing to upgrade to Views 3.x (though I really recommend doing so, the upgrade is seamless and Views 3 comes loaded with tons of new features :) ), then you can use this alternative module.

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Better menus

Improves the Drupal menu item creation workflow by replacing the standard menu creating widget with a javascript powered tree menu.


This module requires that you install jQuery Update version 2.x and download a stripped down version of jQuery jsTree. Follow the instructions in the README.txt file supplied with the distribution.


Developed by Peter Törnstrand at

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Views preview with explain info appended.

Views Explain is a very simple module that runs EXPLAIN on the query generated by views, and appends that information to the views preview table.

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