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Somebody tried to kill Elle Peterssen. She's comatose in the hospital. Her wealthy family doesn't seem to care much -- not her Korean tiger mom, not her emotionally vacant father, not her spoiled brother. They consider her hospitalization a major inconvenience. Elle's boyfriend, Dane, cares a lot but he's the prime suspect.

Elle, unconscious in a hospital bed, is somewhat aware of what's happening. Her disembodied, amnesiac mind inhabits a kind of spirit world with other coma patients. With the aid of a psychologist (also in a coma and in a hospital bed right next to her) and a British coma patient, Elle attempts to figure out who she is and how she ended up this way.

Meanwhile back on Earth, clues of a complicated plot concerning Elle reveal themselves in odd places -- in a hospital staff doctor who purges Elle's records, in hoodie-wearing nogoodniks skulking in doorways and whispering urgently in their cellphones about contingency plans, in office explosions, and in double-crosses.

Mind the Gap: Intimate Strangers collects the first five issues of Jim McCain (writer) and Rodin Esquejo's (artist) Hitchcock-esque comic book series of the same name. The art is superb and the story is a masterfully-paced, intriguing thriller.

Warning: this is an ongoing series so when you get to the end of this graphic novel, you'll want to find out what happens next. Fortunately Mind the Gap #6 is out. I'm going to wait for Volume 2 of the anthology series, myself.

Mind the Gap: Intimate Strangers

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What could make a man attack his roommate with a pair of Wolverine claws? Which superhero is the latest love interest of Superman? Has someone created a real life Helicarrier like in The Avengers? Are the Guardians of the Galaxy comic writers helping with the movie? Want to watch 60 seconds of Karl Urban kicking-ass in Dredd 3D? And have a desire to buy a lot of Batman merchandise? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Iron Man fan poster by Daniel Norris over on F Yeah.

Jessica De Gouw will play The Huntress in Arrow, according to Entertainment Weekly.

UniqueDaily posted this terrible photo of a terrible Batmobile limo.

Comic Book Movie found a better translation of Joss Whedon‘s international Avengers 2 interview. has a new 60 second commercial for Dredd 3D.

A Utah man attacked his roommate with a pair of Wolverine claws after he found out the roommate was sleeping with his mother. Watch video at via CBM.

Entertainment Weekly went straight comic book TMZ, blowing the doors off the new super couple – Superman and Wonder Woman.

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On Tuesday June 26, 2012, Heritage Auctions is hosting a reception and preview of its upcoming illustration art auction featuring The Jerry Weist Collection of
science fiction and fantasy art, pin-up, pulp and paperback art, and classic golden age/mainstream illustration art. Above: Gil Elvgren's "Skirting the Issue" (1956). Below: Wally Wood's "Mars is Heaven!" complete 8-page story, Weird Science #18 (EC Comics) (1953).


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Todd Bieber says: "I directed a video for Nerdist and Broadway Video. It's a fun series that takes you inside the world of Cos Play. There were so many videos out there poking fun at Cos Players that we wanted to create something that celebrated the culture."

WTF is Cosplay? - Just Cos NYCC: Episode 1

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When can you play DC Universe Online for free? Is there a way to incorporate superheroes into an icy cold beverage? Does The Avengers have as much heart as it does action? Which member of the X-Men says he’d love to come back for X-Men 4? Would you like to see a fan made teaser trailer for Man of Steel? Who is the most violent comic book superhero and how can you find out your own superhero name? Read about all of this and see some awesome action scenes from The Dark Knight Rises in today’s Superhero Bits.

Love Film spoke to Gary Oldman about Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy and at about 2:30, they get into the security around The Dark Knight Rises. Thanks to CBM for the heads up.

Starting in October, you can play the DC Universe Online game for free. Of course it’s kind of limited and designed to draw you in to pay but, hey, still pretty cool. Thanks to The Daily Blam for the heads up.

Because the only thing you were missing in your life were Batman and Superman ice trays, That’s Nerdalicious points out that they’re coming.

Nicolas Winding Refn continues to talk about how much he wants to do Wonder Woman. He said the following to The Playlist:

I would love to make ‘Wonder Woman. I would be the best at making ‘Wonder Woman.’ I was born to make ‘Wonder Woman.’ To do a movie about a universe where women are more powerful then men—this appeals to me very much.

io9 culled together a bunch of Batman desktop wallpapers from his comic, movie and video game incarnations. Head there to see them all, but this is one by Jock. The one at the top of the page is by Andy Jones.

Comic Book Movie came across this fan made Man of Steel teaser trailer by Julian Francis Adderley.

Chris Evans spoke to The Huffington Post (via Latino Review) about The Avengers and really played up the heart of the piece:

I think they struck a really good balance. There’s obviously action, you’ve got all these super heroes, there’s gonna be constant battle, I think every ten pages, there’s going to be some sort of action, but you can have all the action in the world, if you don’t have some substance, you got nothing. I don’t want to sh*t talk other movies, I know a lot of other movies like that where it’s all action and no heart. It’s not easy trying to bring all those characters together and find a story, but the best thing about Joss is that Joss is a fan, Joss is a comic book guy. It feels so nice working with a guy that is well, the people I am trying to please is Joss. Joss is one of those dudes. And if Joss is happy with the dialog, if Joss is happy with the wardrobe, if Joss is happy, then I’m happy. Because he’s Comic-Con, he’s one of these dudes who would be in the audience geeking out, so if he’s happy, I’m happy.

James Marsden, star of Straw Dogs and Cyclops himself, says that he’d love to come back for X-Men 4 for in this clip from MTV.

Bleeding Cool has an update on the case of the disabled Superman fan who was robbed of his memorabilia. They’ve made an arrest.

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Due to the amount of graphics and images included in Superhero Bits, we have to split this post over THREE pages. Click the link above to continue to the second page of Superhero Bits.

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Welcome to Gweek episode 13, for August 22, 2011. Gweek is where the editors of Boing Boing and our guests talk about comic books, science fiction & fantasy, video games, board games, tools, gadgets, apps, and other neat stuff.

A few weeks ago on this podcast, I talked about an amazing comic book called Blue Estate. It’s a hardboiled crime series that takes place in modern day Los Angeles. It’s got a sleazy action hero actor with a passing resemblance to Steven Seagal, the Russian Mafia, the Italian Mafia, a geeky fanboy private eye in his 40s, a B-movie actress, drugs, alcohol, strippers, hookers, and seedy establishments. It’s dirty and gritty and a lot of fun, in an LA Confidential way. called Blue Estate is “one of the best comics on the racks today, not to mention one of the best crime comics ever.”

Our guest on this episode is Viktor Kalvachev, the creator of Blue Estate.

In a recent interview Kalvachev described Blue Estate as a combination of “Pulp Fiction, Snatch, and Get Shorty with a splash of It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World.” Kalvachev paints the covers and they are beautiful. The interiors are drawn by as many as five different artists including Kalvachev.


I spoke to Viktor from his home in Walnut Creek California.

Show notes:

Blue Estate trade paperback anthology

Blue Estate comic book website

Viktor Kalvachev's website

Black Kiss, by Howard Chaykin

The art of Robert McGinnis

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