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野生の野望: YMO-Related Japanese Pop Mix 

Put together by Root Blog, a 17 track compilation of quality 80’s Japanese pop music, all related to members of Yellow Magic Orchestra:

This is a compilation (with separate tracks, i.e. not “mixed”) that I gave to some friends last Christmas season as crash course to Hosono/Sakamoto/Takahashi’s pop productions. Had a few people request that I up it here…so, here you go!

Miharu Koshi – “Parallelisme” from Parallelisme
Testpattern – “Souvenir Glacé” from Apres Midi
Yukihiro Takahashi – “Curtains” from Neuromantic
Chakra – “You Need Me” from Satekoso
Tamao Koike – “Automne Dans Un Miroir” from Automne Dans Un Miroir
Yellow Magic Orchestra – “Gradated Grey” from Technodelic
Sandii – “Zoot Koot” From Eating Pleasure
Susan – “I Only Come Out At Night” from The Girl Can’t Help It
Haruomi Hosono – “Sports Man” from Philharmony
Miharu Koshi – “Scandal Night” from Tutu
Haruomi Hosono – “Strange Love” from S.F.X.
Hajime Tachibana – “Rock (New Version)” from Yen Memorial Album
Masami Tsuchiya – “Rice Music” from Rice Music
Ryuichi Sakamoto – “Thatness and Thereness” from B-2 Unit
David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto – “Bamboo Music” from Bamboo Houses
Yellow Magic Orchestra – “Wild Ambitions” from Naughty Boys
Taeko Ohnuki – “Inori” from Alfa/Yen: We Wish You a Merry Christmas

It was hard to choose one track as an example (it could have been the slower-paced yet suductive “Zoot Koot”), but chose something more pop, catchy, and fun.

Links to get hold of the compilation can be found at Root Blog here

(via prostheticknowledge:)

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Ohai, Cheezfrends! 2011 is almost over, and that means it’s time to revisit the highlights of the year!

We’ll be recounting some of the best moments of 2011 all week long. Check back daily to see if you missed anything amazing or just to relive your favorite animal moments of the year!

Let’s kick things off with the best videos of 2011. Above, we have a compilation of video highlights. Below, we’ve posted EVEN MOAR cyoot ‘n funneh animal videos from 2011. Watch ‘em all, and let us know your favorite animal video moment of they year in the comments!

ETA: We’ve added a few more videos based on your recommendations in the comments!

Plz 2 klik fru 2 see MOAR ob teh bestest videoz frum 2011!

Editor’s Note: At the 1:23 mark, the naughty word for “poo” appears on the screen. Please shield young, impressionable eyes at this time.


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