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About Lettering.JS

Web type is exploding all over the web but CSS currently doesn't offer complete down-to-the-letter control. So we created a jQuery plugin to give you that control. Lettering.JS !!!!

jQuery plugin for radical web typography

This Lettering Module uses Lettering.JS jQuery plugin.

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Set the image quality per ImageCache preset!

Through ImageAPI, you can set the quality of images ImageCache produces. But since ImageAPI allows you to set only one global value, any image produced by ImageCache ends up in the same quality. If you want to have the highest-quality images in a photo gallery while having lower-quality images elsewhere, you are stuck.

This module allows you to override ImageAPI's quality setting and set image quality per ImageCache preset. Unfortunately, since ImageAPI does not let other modules hook into / alter the process, you need to apply the supplied (unobtrusive) patches to the following modules for this module to work:

  • imageapi.module
  • imageapi_gd.module
  • imageapi_imagemagick.module
  • imagecache.module

The patches basically only add optional arguments to existing functions so the modules would function as normal (as far as I am aware).
The patches, as well as an instruction on how to apply them / which version of ImageAPI / ImageCache to use, are found in README.txt.

Please remember to always flush the ImageCache cache every time you change the setting, if you want to see the effect immediately.

Development of this module was sponsored by Comic Relief UK

DISCLAIMER: As always, use it at your own risk. If you encounter any issue, please report through the issue queue. The developer or the sponsor cannot be held accountable for any of the damages which the module / patch may cause.

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Google Docs Viewer for filefield

Ever wanted to display a PDF, Word, Powerpoint, etc document directly on your website without your users having to download and open it on their own computer? The Google Docs Viewer ( allows you to do just that.

This module allows you to display files uploaded via filefield using the Embedded Google Docs Viewer so users can see contents of the file directly on your website.

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The User Intro module allows the administrator to present a piece of 'welcome' or 'introduction' content (via a template). This template is displayed upon the user's first login, and is hidden on subsequent logins, but can be manually displayed when the user clicks a trigger. Visibility is also controlled from the user profiles (/user/###/edit), allowing users to disable the intro altogether.

Please read the bundled README.txt for setup instructions - you'll need to add two variables to your page template.

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This module allows administrators to rearrange the order of (cck) fields for node displays.

Normally the order of CCK fields is similar in both the node edit form as in the node's view. If you'd like to have an other order in, let's say the teaser display of a content type, this module provides you an user interface for this specific task.

Each context (Basic, RSS, Search, etc.) and each build mode (Teaser, Full, etc.) can have it's own field order.



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Drupal Devel.jpg

This module extends the Views Slideshow module to provide a draggable slider effect using the slider widget from jQuery UI. The project version (6.x-2.x) is meant to be compatible with the 6.x-2.x series of Views Slideshow.

The slider is both a control and display element, dragging the slider causes the slideshow to jump forward (or backwards), left alone it automatically advances.


This module depends on jQuery Update 6.x-2.x and the stable version of jQuery UI (download the stable 1.7.x version from the jQuery UI website).

The module code is currently hosted on GitHub:

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