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Dominican Republic

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Barcelona is hot these days, and amazing artists seems to be popping up daily. One of them is Dilia Oviedo.

Dilia is originally from the Dominican Republic, and started taking pictures when she got her first camera at the age of 10: "- At the time I remember wanting to be a photographer but I didn't really think it was going to happen. But right around 2006 was when I finally decided that this was something I wanted to pursue, simply because It's what I'm really passionate about." Until now she has been featured in a few publications back in the Dominican Republic, and in Hacid Mag, but today she's making her debut on Ben Trovato with the dark and excellent A Religious Experience.

The story features the striking Lauren Auerbach (UNO Barcelona) and Ann Müürsepp (Miah Management), styled by Ana Sting, with hair and make up done by Lara Tascon and Lucie Gardiner-Worship. Dilia says this about the story: "- I wanted to play around with the idea of possession, good vs evil,dark vs Light etc.. A lot of the inspiration came from old ghost stories and movies, and in terms of the composition and light, the inspiration came from old renaissance paintings."

She's generally inspired by her surroundings, be that people, nature, movies, or paintings, but she mentions music to be her absolut biggest source of inspiration, an to our surprise she mentions the Ben Trovato featured Ren Rox when we ask her about what's so special about music: "- I saw this quote by Ren Rox once that basically describes how I feel about music as a source of inspiration . 'Every song can conjure up a million pictures, just like every picture can conjure a million songs. After all, everything is connected,' Ren Rox"

Right now Dilia is 100% focused on launching her career, and dreams of become one of those lucky few that makes a living out of what they love to do: "- Yeah, I want to live a nomadic lifestyle traveling all over and photographing each moment."

Here's A Religious Experience by Dilia Oviedo for Ben Trovato:

Concept/Photography - Dilia Oviedo
Styling - Ana Sting
Hair & Make Up - Lara Tascon & Lucie Gardiner-Worship
Models - Lauren Auerbach @ UNO Barcelona & Ann Müürsepp @ Miah Management
Special Thanks: Shoot 115 - Estudio Fotográfico

Full story inside the post.

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