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Adriana de Barros

Letters in Chalk by Chris Yoon

These are various chalkboard drawings by Chris Yoon, who has worked for clients like stationery representatives Daniel Richards and Mediterranean restaurant Colbeh.

See also: “Messages on Chalkboards,” and “Getting Creative with Chalk.”

Daniel Richards by Chris Yoon

Chalk drawing by Chris Yoon

Colbert by Chris Yoon

Colbeth by Chris Yoon

Photos © Chris Yoon

Via We Love Typography
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All characters are based upon circles and rectangles, except for the villains who are triangles.

Up (2009)

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I am really digging the varied styles of illustrator Pavel Ripley. There is some very nice work on his website that ranges all over the map for an illustrator but in every instance each image is highly realized at an accomplished skill level.

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Head Study 1, (2011), acrylic-transfer-color pencil on panel, 17 x 23 in

Head Study 6, (2011), acrylic-color pencil-graphite and transfer on wood panel, 8.5 x 11 in

Head Study 5

Survivor, (2011), acrylic-aerosol-transfer-graphite-color pencil on wood panel

Survivor (detail)

Natural Disaster, (2011), acrylic-arosol-graphite-color pencil on masonite and wood panel, 22.5 x 20.5 in

Natural Disaster (detail)


White Demon, (2011), acrylic-color pencil-graphite on wood panel, 18 x 30 in

Artist Statement

Jason Thielke’s work demonstrates aesthetic elements that encompass both contemporary and traditional techniques much like modern architecture. This style emerges in deeply personal, figurative works, which comfortably contrast hard lines with soft features and mixed emotions. In the past, the artist’s process of drawing, composing, and transferring images has mirrored the planning, deconstruction and reconstruction phases of urban gentrification.

This new body of work utilizes that same process to negotiate the complexity of human nature.

Later works speak to Thielke’s fascination with behavioral juxtaposition within the individual. The conflict between one’s ability to implement self control and compulsion to manipulate and constantly self-gratify emerges as a reoccurring theme. Jason Thielke’s drawings illustrate this struggle with mathematical precision. Constellations of the human experience, the artist utilizes simple, structural forms to portray stark contrasts within the spirit of his subjects – swirls representing natural beauty and positive energy; straight lines referencing intentional thought and manipulation used to influence others. These figures depict the idiosyncrasies of human perception, examining the dynamics of body language, eye contact and spiritual interaction.

Jason Thielke earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Northern Illinois University School of Art. His work has been featured internationally in galleries and art fairs, with solo exhibitions in Denver, Portland and Seattle.

Jason Thielke on Escape Into Life

Jason Thielke’s New Print Head Study 1

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