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Cory Doctorow

Moustetronaut is a lovely picture book by Mark Kelly, a former Space Shuttle pilot and husband of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. It tells the story of Meteor, an experimental NASA mouse who saves a shuttle mission by scurrying into a tight control-panel seam and retrieving a critical lost key. The story is very (very) loosely based on a true story -- there was a Meteor, but he never left his cage, but he did indeed display delight and aplomb in a microgravity environment. The whole rescue thing is a fiction, albeit an adorable one.

What really makes this book isn't its basis in "truth," but rather the amazing illustrations by CF Payne, who walks a very fine line between cute and grotesque, with just enough realism to capture the excitement of space and just enough caricature to make every spread instantly engaging. There's also a very admirable economy of words in the book itself (which neatly balances a multi-page afterword about the space program, with a good bibliography of kid-appropriate space websites and books for further reading). It's just the right blend of beautifully realized characters -- Meteor is particularly great -- and majestic illustrations of space and space vehicles.



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Breaking Bad Illustrated

Illustrator Martin Woutisseth returns with another cool graphic animation, upgrading the opening credits from Breaking Bad with iconic locations and characters from the series, and a new theme song.

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Here’s one documentary I look forward to seeing: Rick Cikowski and Brad Bernstein’s Far Out Isn’t Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story. Illustrator Ungerer is the famed children’s book author/artist (The Three Robbers) and occasional pornographer, revered by Maurice Sendak, Jules Feiffer (both of whom appear in the doc) and Gene Deitch (who has adapted several of Ungerer’s books to animation). Filmmakers Cikowski and Bernstein funded the production last year through Kickstarter. It will premiere next month at the Toronto Inernational Film Festival. It looks good:

(Thanks, Martin Quaden)

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I just spend the whole morning struggling with how best to color skin tones in a project, so this post caught me… well, too late, I already finished. But I’m saving it in my “desert island” bookmarks folder. Many more colors/skins at the link itself

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King City collects Brandon Graham's magnificent Tokyo Pop comic serial in one mammoth, $11 (cheap!) trade paperback edition, and man, is that a deal.

Take the sprawling, weird, perverse cityscape of Transmetropolitan, mix in the goofy, punny humor of Tank Girl, add ultraviolent gang warfare, the impending resurrection of a death-god, and a secret society of cat-masters whose feline familiars can serve as super-weapons and tactical material, and you're getting in the neighbourhood of King City.

Graham's black-and-white line drawings have the detail of a two-page spread in MAD Magazine and a little bit of Sergio Argones in their style, if Argones was more interested in drawing the battle-scarred veterans of a Korean xombie war who consume each others' powdered bones to drive away the madness.

Despite the fact that this is a very, very funny story, it manages to be more than a comedy. Joe the cat-master's lost love, Pete the bagman's moral crisis, and Max the veteran's trauma are all real enough to tug at your heart-strings, even as you read the goofy puns off the fine-print labels on the fetishistically detailed illustrations showing King City and its weird and wonderful inhabitants.

JWZ wrote "It's the best comic-book-type thing I've read in quite some time. The trade is a huge phonebook-sized thing and it's awesome." He's right.

King City

(via JWZ)

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