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Indoek - A Creative Surf Culture Blog (Kickstarter Project)

The prolific blog Indoek evolves around surf culture and celebrates all other things that are encountered within the creative landscape.

The two men behind this visual storytelling are Drew Innis, who is a New York-based filmmaker and photographer, and Matt Titone, who calls LA his home and works as a designer. Both them lead this bi-coastal project and are now trying to get their blog further out there via kickstarter

As we truly felt inspired by this online affair we would like to encourage any possible donations which have their due date the 8th of May.

For more information, visit the project on kickstarter here. 

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Police Car Blood Tornado Explosion Man might not be the most popular superhero out there, but he gets the job done.

In a good and just world, all promising games would get Kickstarted, and everyone would live happily ever after. Also, clothes would always feel fresh out of the laundry and chocolate would be the cure for war. Unfortunately, however, our world is not just, and calling it “good” is probably a bit of a stretch. That depressing tangent brings us to Project Awakened. It failed to pass muster on Kickstarter, in spite of promising our neither good nor just world, er, the world. But sometimes, the best ideas only spring to mind when backs are pressed firmly against the wall, and Phosphor’s certainly hatched an intriguing one. In short, it plans to gauge interest in a second crowdfunding effort, but this time it’ll run its own site and – here’s the Kickstarter-stomping kicker – declare backers “partial owners” of the property.


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Justin sez,

In 2010, Boing Boing wrote about about James "The Amazing" Randi coming out of the closet as a gay man. Coming from the famed exposer-of-deception, many found his honesty inspirational. Then, in September of 2011, his live-in partner of 25 years, Jose Alvarez - the man who famously adopted the persona of "Carlos" for their "Carlos Hoax" - was arrested for identity fraud. Carlos, er, Jose, is actually named Deyvi Pena.

Luckily, documentary filmmakers Justin Weinstein (writer, editor of Being Elmo) and Tyler Measom (director, Sons of Perdition) were filming with them for their new doc, An Honest Liar: The Amazing Randi Story. In addition to getting the inside scoop on the Deyvi story, the doc features such greats as Richard Dawkins, Penn & Teller, Tim Minchin, Bill Nye, Neal DeGrasse Tyson, Adam Savage, Alice Cooper, and more.

You can help them get the film made by supporting it via Kickstarter (and get some great memorabilia).

An Honest Liar: The Amazing Randi Story

(Thanks, Justin!)

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Lumo BodyTech, which makes a wearable waistband that tracks posture and movement and vibrates when the wearer slouches, has raised $5 million in Series A funding led by Madrona Venture Group.

LumobackThe Palo Alto, Calif.-based start-up doubled its goal in a Kickstarter campaign this summer, taking in $200,000 and more than 1,000 effective preorders for the Lumoback.

The Kickstarter backers now have their devices in hand, and Lumobacks will start shipping to the general public in January.

Lumo CEO Monisha Perkash described the Kickstarter campaign as a “de-risking” strategy, saying that it provided market validation and feedback that helped pave the way for the venture round.

Perkash said that Lumo eventually expects to move beyond posture into other devices that “give your body a voice.” Versus other wearable sensors, Lumo is particularly focused on real-time, accurate feedback — currently, in the form of a gentle buzz that gets wearers to stand up straight, or to walk around after an extended period of sitting.


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David sez, "We all hate seeing the way computers are depicted in TV shows and movies. Magic boxes that can do the impossible and it only gets less realistic when the subject turns to hacking.

There is though one upcoming movie that aims to tackle this subject with realism and while telling a damn interesting story.. it's The Root Kit and it is on Kickstarter right now. With less than 3 days left to succeed."

The Root Kit

(Thanks, David!)

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Rainbow Nightmare: Libra will be a retro RPG mashup with traditional overhead RPG exploring, side scrolling platforming, and card collecting. Featuring cat girls, robots, zombies, and sometimes a combination of these three, AudioMew seems to be hitting several of the popular gaming tropes.

I reached out to developer Karl Crawford about the battle system, since it wasn't too apparent in the video. "The battle system is standard turn based, much like Final Fantasy 6 with class switching, except during battle you're allowed to switch between 3 different classes." In an update, Crawford describes "class dancing," which allows you to "switch between these 3 classes to maximize healing, damage, or defense. This allows you to set up your own strategies and pacing."

These hyper chiptunes jolted me out of my otherwise mellow weekend, and I figured they'd do the same for you. It might be just me, but the character closeup art doesn't mesh as well as it could with the otherwise charming pixel graphics. If you want to help out Rainbow Nightmare: Libra, visit its Kickstarter page or spread the word. The Windows-bound game is almost at 15% of its $9,000 goal, and if it reaches $20,000, the developer will support Mac and Linux.

[Thanks, readers Kimberly W. and Molly]

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I'm not really sure how I feel about this latest attempt at developing a simulation of life as a homeless individual. According to the description on the Kickstarter project page, the team behind iBeg is hoping to raise awareness about homelessness in Vancouver B.C and the rest of the world. The mobile title, which is scheduled for potential release next Spring on the iOS and Android, will have players building shelters, maintaining tenacious living standards, busking, working to get off the street and more.

If you're interested in directing a few dollars in the project's direction, here's the official Kickstarter page.

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Tribute Games is launching a Kickstarter for Mercenary Kings today! We really want to make this game the best it can be, and to achieve that we need additional support.

We hope that people will see the huge potential of this game like we do and will be willing to participate in this adventure! Our backers will get cool rewards (the most basic one being a digital copy of Mercenary Kings and a digital copy of Wizorb).

We tried to describe Mercenary Kings as thoroughly as we could on our Kickstarter page, so you can check it out here:

I’ll be working on the game along with other awesome dudes, Stéphane Boutin, Jonathan “Persona” Kim, Jonathan Lavigne and Jean-François Major all who worked on the Scott Pilgrim game.

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UpUpStart, an independent studio helmed by veteran developers of the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series, seeks Kickstarter funding for Epic Skater, an in-progress skateboarding title for iOS and Android devices.

Epic Skater features the same kind of objective-based gameplay that defined the Tony Hawk series, but presents it in the context of a side-scrolling platformer. Players collect items and perform strings of tricks and aerial stunts throughout multiple events -- a brief gameplay demonstration video can be seen here.

The project's funding goal is set at $50,000. Backers who pledge $10 or more will receive a copy of the game upon its release, while higher pledges are eligible to receive beta invites, t-shirts, and in-game bonuses.

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