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Empty Clip Studios' Indie Game Challenge 2012 finalist Symphony has an updated trailer, which shows off how players' music dictates the game's content. While Beat Hazard attempted procedural content generation (PCG) with the arena shooter genre, Symphony seems to be going for more of a vertical arcade shooter vibe. I really like how the ships materialize from the equalizer. However, the enemy A.I. and firepower seem to be on the rather simple side.

A challenge for Symphony, like most PCG games, will be in sustaining player interest indirectly. How varied will the content be from the songs inputted? Players will find out this year, after nearly three years of development and waiting.

Thanks for making us wait so long, Empty Clip! I understand, though; you have to work on Monaco multi-platform ports, too. And yes, Empty Clip, I do pay close attention to trailers (1:34 mark!).

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This week, Game Developers Conference 2012 is revealing a trio of notable new sessions, including the first Western appearance of Space Invaders Infinity Gene and Groove Coaster's creator, product ownership as it relates to Dragon Age, and the music behind Journey and Monaco.

The 26th GDC show will take place Monday, March 5 through Friday, March 9 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, and the Main Conference (March 7th-9th) offers six tracks covering key disciplines in the games industry, including Audio, Business, Marketing & Management, Game Design, Production, Programming, and Visual Arts.

The following lectures are the newest additions to GDC 2012's Main Conference:

- In the Audio track session "Journey vs Monaco: Music is Storytelling," composer Austin Wintory will contrast two different video game scores he wrote in 2011, for both thatgamecompany's Journey and Pocketwatch Games' IGF-winning Monaco.

Wintory will detail the ways these two games use music to create narrative arcs and reconcile adaptivity, while also going over the audio production processes for both titles. Near the end of the talk, thatgamecompany's Jenova Chen and Pocketwatch Games' Andy Schatz will join the session for an audience Q&A on the construction of the games' audio.

- Also added in the Production track is a talk dubbed "Ownership - Dragon Age Style," in which BioWare's Adriana Lopez will explain what "ownership" means, organizationally, in the context of handling a major video game franchise.

Using BioWare's acclaimed Dragon Age role-playing game franchise as an example, Lopez will detail the responsibilities of product owners and how they can leverage their control over a franchise to better manage their projects and maintain a fully-engaged team.

- In a Game Design track talk simultaneously translated from Japanese, Taito chief game designer Reisuke Ishida will make his first ever Western speaking appearance, discussing his two recent signature titles in a lecture called "Five Techniques for Making an Unforgettable Game, Illustrated in Space Invaders Infinity Gene and Groove Coaster."

Using the examples of Space Invaders Infinity Gene a stylish, well-received 30th anniversary update of the classic game, and Groove Coaster a popular iOS exclusive music title, Ishida will explore the best ways to make a game stand out, even in the overcrowded market.

Besides these announcements, GDC organizers recently debuted the show's first Summit sessions, featuring Playdom on the (lack of) iconic social game characters, SingStar creator Paulina Bozek on using apps for behavioral change, and Untold Entertainment on its viral hit Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure. Previously announced Main Conference talks include an in-depth look at Plants vs. Zombies, Naughty Dog's production cycle, and the art of Saints Row: The Third.

For more information on any of these sessions, keep an eye on the official GDC 2012 website, as more details will become available in the coming weeks. To ensure you receive the latest news about GDC 2012 as the event takes shape, please subscribe to updates from the GDC news page via Twitter, Facebook, or RSS. GDC is owned and operated by Gamasutra parent company UBM TechWeb.

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Monaco developer Andy Schatz came upon a brilliant idea while trying to figure out a special easter egg to include in his upcoming award-winning stealth game. It started out with Andy looking for some clever text to display when a computer is being hacked in Monaco, and somehow that lead to the creation of a public Google Doc which everyone can put forward their suggestions of funny command line snippets that could be used in the game.

There are already some pretty inspiring suggestions in there, and even if you don't want to contribute you could still get a laugh or two out of it just by having a browse. Of course, all of these will only make sense to anyone who are familiar with how command line code works...

The Google Doc link for Monaco's hacker text suggestions can be found here.

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