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multimedia journalism

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Photographer Teru Kuwayama of Lightstalkers and a Knight Fellow at Stanford University just won a $202,000 grant to support his project proposal summarized here:

“Broadening the perspectives that surround U.S . military operations in Afghanistan, this project will chronicle a battalion by combining reporting from embedded journalists with user-generated content from the Marines themselves . The troops and their families will be key audiences for the online journal steering, challenging and augmenting the coverage with their feedback . The approach will directly serve the stakeholders and inform the wider public by bringing in on-the-ground views on military issues and the execution of U .S . foreign policy. The troops were recently authorized to use social media while deployed, and this project will also study the impact of that decision on the military.”

Congrats to Teru and all of the winners for their great ideas. It’s exciting to see good journalistic and reporting ideas get some real money behind them. More details on the winners here.

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