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NG:DEV.TEAM (Last Hope, Fast Striker) has released a new trailer for its side-scrolling shooter Gun Lord, set to premiere later this month for the Neo Geo and in June for the Sega Dreamcast.

Heavily inspired by the Turrican series, Gun Lord equips players with multiple powerful weapons, and features numerous levels filled with swarms of enemies, collectible items, and screen-filling boss characters. The trailer above shows off a decent chunk of gameplay, including a horizontally scrolling shooter level and an impressive boss encounter. Definitely watch the intro, too -- it's priceless.

Gun Lord will launch March 26th as a cartridge for Neo Geo MVS arcade units. Cartridge-only copies are priced at 319 euros, while a limited-edition boxed version sells for 419 euros. Regular and deluxe Neo Geo AES home console versions will be released later this year, and several Dreamcast editions ranging in price from 32 to 99 euros will premiere June 14th. Preorders can be placed at NG:DEV.TEAM's website.

[via @mommysbestgames]

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