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Performance and scalability

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Checklist system for launching Drupal websites to a production environment.
This module runs a series of tests to check your site configuration allowing you to optimize and secure your site for public consumption.

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Screenshot of new Lite pager option in Views

The Views Litepager module solves a problem of scalability for sites with large amounts of content. Drupal's core pagination system creates a pager navigation that shows exactly how many pages of content exist for the content list. This requires that a COUNT query be executed based on the query used to generate the list.

While COUNT queries are blazingly fast on tables with MySQL's MyISAM engine, they are painfully slow when using InnoDB tables which is the recommended engine type for high traffic Drupal sites. The COUNT queries quickly degrade the more rows a table has.

The Views Litepager module solves this problem for Views pagination by providing a pager option that does not require a COUNT query to be executed. This "Lite" pager is only slightly less useful than Drupal's core pager in that it does not allow you to navigate to the "last" page and does not show how many total pages of content there are. But for large sites, this small cost in features is worth the boost in performance by ridding your pages of the painfully slow (and sometimes crippling) COUNT queries.

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Do you want super fast file downloads from your Ubercart store?
Ubercart CloudFront module provides an easy way to generate Signed URLs for protected files hosted from Amazon CloudFront CDN.

This module integrates directly with Ubercart File module by doing a server-side redirect for the download link provided in emails and Files tab on user profile page.

This module requires that an Amazon S3 account w/ CloudFront is already created and configured. Amazon will provide or allow you to upload a SSH keyed pair and a KeyPairedID for authentication. These values need to be stored in the module configuration page for this to work properly.

OpenSSL must be compiled with PHP.

This module was created by Lullabot for faster video file downloads on the Lullabot Store

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This module is designed to help manage large multisite installations by allowing a master installation to run multiple slave crons when the master runs cron.


  1. Integrate with Job Queue
  2. Smart scanning of sites directory
  3. Multiple methods of fetching cron.php
  4. D7 version
  5. Real master/slave relationship

Right now, the module doesn't do any smart scanning of the sites directory, nor does it know if cron has actually ran on the slave server.

Maintained by David Stoline

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