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Reprisal is a browser-based strategy game by Jon Caplin that's clearly inspired by Populous - you play as a deity who has god-like powers to terraform the land and lead his followers to victory over opposing forces. You'll need mana to cast anything in this game, which is provided in a steady stream from your believers. The powers at your disposal range from raising the sea water level to drown people, burn the land with raging fire, bring down a bolt of lightning to strike the earth, and commanding meteor showers to destroy an entire civilization in an instant.

This preview build features only two levels to play, and there are a lot of content and powers that have not been included yet. The entire game is still mighty playable though, and fans of god games predating Black & White will have a fine time with this one.

The Reprisal beta is playable at this link.
[Via Pixelation]

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